STEM Sports® equips students for science, tech, engineering and math careers with athletics

Historically, it’s a no brainer. Survey kids and usually most of them will tell you they prefer a P.E. class over a math one. When it comes to STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – education, those subjects tend to pale in popularity overall. Educators find students have more difficulty retaining those concepts, which…


Disney is Inspiring STEM Education

Students love real-world examples. This helps them make the connection they need to comprehend the subject matter and see when it is applicable in their day-to-day life. This is especially important in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM concepts can be complex and difficult for students to connect with. By using sports as real-world examples…


STEM Sports® was featured in the Motivational Monday segment on 3TV Arizona’s Family

Motivational Monday: STEM Sports® uses science to teach kids about football Moya Elementary School in Phoenix is using science to teach kids about sports. Maria Hechanova gave us the lowdown on the STEM Sports® program the school uses.


Top STEM Magnet Schools in the United States

Introduction  K-12 education is an important part of children’s lives. From a social standpoint, this is when they develop soft skills, emotional intelligence and start to engage with their peers. On the education side, this is when they start to find what subjects they are passionate about and decide their goals for higher-education.   Magnet schools…

STEM Sports® Tips

3 benefits of STEM Education at home

You will often see STEM Sports® advocating and providing at-home learning opportunities. We do this because there are real-time benefits to expanding education outside of the classroom and into the home.  These include: Often, in classroom settings, children all have to move at the same pace. This can be difficult because comprehension speeds are not…