Meet your STEM Sports team

Welcome to STEM Sports®, we are so glad you found us and are here. We wanted to take a moment and quickly introduce our team and our mission to you!

Our STEM Sports team is committed to the educational enrichment of today’s youth. Through creative and strategic education and physical activities, students are engaged on new levels.

We sit at the intersection of education and sports, fusing STEM learning and lifelong application for K-8 students. It is our belief that the purpose of education is to teach on to think intensively and critically. It is our mission to show the science behind sports, create cognitive thinkers, and develop a deeper introspection towards their future. Each of our programs is rooted in Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards. Students are encouraged to explore on their own and continuously ask themselves why something is the way it is. Students develop critical-thinking, collaborative, creative problem-solving, and leadership skills. Just as importantly, physical activity and participation are vital components of our student-led curricula. We believe that in joining these elements, the comprehensive educational experience is achieved.

Our programs offer authentic engagement opportunities to students and youth, using BMX, basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball as strategic vehicles to drive STEM-learning in classrooms, after-school programs, and in camp settings. As a result, STEM literacy, engagement, and retention are cultivated and promoted in students.

Our STEM Sports Team