In 2013, USA BMX, the sanctioning body of bicycle motocross racing in North America, became the first Olympic sport to sanction a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program. This engaging educational enrichment program includes an 8-module curriculum that is equal parts education, athletics, and exercise.

What Is the STEM BMX Kit?

STEM BMX is flexible and can be implemented in classroom settings, after-school enrichment programs, and summer camp models. This program is designed for elementary and middle school levels. Participating students receive a STEM education while simultaneously learning the science behind the sport of BMX. In addition, each participant receives a free one-day membership to USA BMX.


STEM BMX kits can be used over several years. In addition to the teacher manual, a single BMX Kit includes five (5) Free Agent BMX bikes, five (5) BMX safety helmets, five (5) alternative front tires, one (1) bike stand for builds, repairs, and modifications, one (1) tire pump, one (1) hand-held tire pressure gauge, and a complete set of bike tools.

A BMX Kit is priced at $1,999.

Curriculum Breakdown

Module 1

Tools – Assembling a BMX bike

Module 2

Tire Pressure – Ideal Tire pressure for balance

Module 3

Seat Position – Identifying the correct leg angle

Module 4

Off Road vs. Pavement – Tire tread and resistance

Module 5

Pedal, Coast, and Balance – Center of gravity and balance

Module 6

Energy, Hills, and Bumps – Energy gained

Module 7

Speed, Stopping, and Braking – Calculating speed and stopping distance

Module 8

Bike Circles – Figure-8 activity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) How many students does each kit serve?

All STEM Sports® curriculum kits are designed for repeated use and can serve hundreds of students. Within each classroom, after-school program or camp setting, implementation for one student up to 30+ is possible per module. Or, two modules can be implemented simultaneously. There are lots of variables to consider and our curricula is well designed for expandability and scalability.

(2) How long does each kit last?

All of the supplies in the kit are non-perishable and are designed to last for several years. Some supplied items, such as 500 rubber bands and/or 1,000 craft sticks may have to be replaced over time.

(3) What format is the curriculum most effective in?

Because all STEM Sports® programs are aligned with all or either of the following standards: Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards and National Standards for K-12 Physical Education, our supplemental curriculum is a perfect fit for public, private or charter schools classrooms. Then and because of the curricula’s standardization, the modules are a great fit for after-school programs as well as camp settings.

(4) Who can teach or administer the curriculum?

Our 5E lesson plans make teaching modules easier and students will be more willing to learn. Why? Because the way our STEM Sports® activities are set up, the sequence of lesson is well established, concepts and objectives are thoroughly scoped and the majority of students love sports and will view the learning as play. Then, students will develop 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creative problem-solving, and leadership. So back to who is best to teach or administer STEM Sports® curricula? Everyone from science and STEM teachers, to PE teachers, sports coaches, volunteers and even the students the curricula is designed for. The 21st century skills we engrain with students are the same skills that they can utilize to help their fellow students.

(5) How long does shipping take?

Once a Purchase Order or Payment is received, kits will arrive in five (5) business days.

(6) What are all possible payment methods?

Acceptable payment methods include purchase order, check, and credit card.

(7) Can I see a sample curriculum?

Yes, request a curriculum sample by emailing


The inclusion of BMX racing into the Olympic Games in 2008 has captured the popularity of the sport of BMX Racing to this level. From this internal exposure, USA BMX has experienced a growth in membership to over 70,000 youth across North America. The organization sanctions over 14,000 races each year at 380 BMX member tracks.

The USA BMX Foundation, the non-profit arm of USA BMX, has developed a new youth program to attract more kids to the sport and to promote the positive virtues of BMX racing through a formal (STEM-based) education program. The program is supported by Free Agent, one of the largest BMX companies in the world and home to Olympic Gold Medalist, Maris Strombergs, and Olympic Bronze Medalist, Donny Robinson.

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