STEM Sports® All-Star Kit

Help your kid discover a love for both STEM and sports
with self-guided activities at home!

STEM Sports® All-Star Kit

Help every 3rd-8th grader discover a love for both STEM and sports with self-guided lessons at home!

The STEM All-Star Kit subscription provides:

  • 12 months of fun, physical activity for kids ages 8-14 with a hands-on, unique learning experience for only $19.99/month
  • The excitement of opening a new gift each month 
  • No screen time, no tech needed, and a break from video games
  • An introduction to the science behind the sports kids already love
  • No athletic ability required; no special skills in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM)

Check Out What's Included in All 12 Kits

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How to Raise A Good Sport

Read our tips on how to make sure you are giving your child the tools to be a good sport and succeed on and off the field.

Why STEM matters

Read about the importance of STEM education and the benefits of using sports for hands-on learning disguised as play.

Parents, Relatives, and Teachers love STEM Sports®

This is a great way to see the connection between STEM and sports. It gives kids the opportunity to see themselves as a functioning person in 10 years.

Christy - 5th grade Mom

The STEM Sports programs make a great connection for the kids. You can tell students about addition or subtraction but once you start giving them something they can attach to, that they care about, like sports, then they really get into it.

Matthew - Teacher

I think the STEM Sports® All-Star Kit is fantastic! I like giving a gift that gives my nieces a hands-on and sports aspects of learning.

Chris - Uncle