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How to Throw a Football

In this video, NFL legend Peyton Manning breaks down a simple way to throw the football for distance and accuracy.

How to Catch a Football

How to catch a football with future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez

History of Football

This NFL article gives a brief timeline on the evolution of football helmets.

Smithsonian Institution Examines the Evolution of Football Helmet Technology

The Smithsonian Institution’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation has released a video examining the history and technology of the football helmet. IMPACT: The Evolution of Football Helmets is part of the center’s multi-year Invention, Sport and Technology initiative, and is one of many educational efforts that it intends to produce for the public as it builds towards the opening of an invention, sport and technology exhibit at the National Museum of American History in 2022.

How NFL Footballs Are Made

Before NFL footballs can hit the field, they go through a five-day manufacturing process. Durable leather is sewn together around a bladder, which has the right amount of air to meet the specific weight and size requirements of the game.

Calculating Football Distances: Module 7.0

1. The line of scrimmage for Team A is their own 25-yard line. It is first down and 10 yards to go. The team runs a play that gets six (6) yards, but is called for a 10-yard holding penalty. Where is the new line of scrimmage?

Answer: Their own 15-yard line

2. Team A punts from their own 47-yard line. The punt travels 46 yards. Team B fields the punt and returns it eight (8) yards. Where is the line of scrimmage for Team B?

Answer: 15-yard line

3. If a player returns a kickoff from the very edge of his own end zone, how many yards was the kick?

Answer: 65 yards

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