STEM Basketball Activities & Curriculum
for Grades 3-5 & 6-8

STEM basketball activities, projects, and challenges to enhance students’ STEM skills



"The students had an amazing time and were still talking about the STEM Basketball program as they exited campus! You are allowing students to experience excitement in learning, and it is so encouraging! Thanks again!"
Amy Rosengren​
6th Grade Science Teacher​
"I hosted two basketball/STEM camps this summer and used most of the kit with a couple of additions! I loved it! The kids loved it. We did STEM in the morning, ate lunch and then played basketball all afternoon! It was my favorite STEM camp! Addressed the “whole” child...mentally and physically!"
Joy Schwartz​

You will not want to pass on a great opportunity to double up STEM with Basketball in our STEM Basketball program. This hands-on method of learning the STEM fundamentals behind the game of basketball will drive students towards their goals of not only becoming better players, but also becoming better students as they will get the answers to the “why” questions that surround the game. The STEM Basketball curriculum will assist students’ growth and potential both on and off the court through eight lessons such as:

  • Understanding the contents of a basketball on the molecular level and how temperature affects play
  • Evaluating the changes that basketball shoes have made over time and why
  • Engineering their own shooting apparatus to explain some of Sir Issac Newton’s Laws. By the way, he was only five feet, six inches!
  • Teaching students how to calculate their own field goal percentage, just like the greatest players in the NBA

While we cannot promise students will be able to execute a slam dunk, they will certainly feel like they did after experiencing the STEM Basketball program. The mindfulness and movement that they’ll experience during the lessons will be well received and teachers and administers will make it as easy as a layup!




Each STEM Basketball kit comes with one (1) STEM Basketball Curriculum Manual, five (5) indoor basketballs, five (5) outdoor basketballs, five (5) 25’ tape measures, five (5) hair dryers, five (5) calipers, twelve (12) protective eyewear, five (5) cut ball swatches – indoor, five (5) cut ball swatches – outdoor, five (5) digital timers, five (5) rolls of masking tape, one thousand (1000) craft sticks, one hundred (100) plastic spoons, five-hundred (500) rubber bands, two (2) ball bags, one (1) ball pump, one (1) set of inflation needles.

No experience or previous knowledge of basketball is required to teach this curriculum. Our STEM Sports basketball manual includes all of the necessary information about the sport and the science behind it to properly implement the curriculum.

Each manual contains content for a minimum of 16 hours of instruction that includes healthy, physical activity. All of the supplies in the kit are non-perishable and are designed to last for several years. Some supplied items may need to be replaced over time.

STEM Basketball includes activities and lessons surrounding the contents of basketballs, the innovation and technology behind basketball shoes, figuring out their own shooting percentages, and much more.

Yes, basketball lessons are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

Yes, digital resources are available for all of our STEM Sports kits by visiting the digital tools link found in your curriculum manual.

Each curriculum has eight lessons aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and/or Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or National Standards for K-12 Physical Education.

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