STEM Football Curriculum

STEM Football is an engaging educational enrichment program that includes an eight (8) module curriculum rooted in Next Generation Science Standards. STEM Football is flexible and can be implemented in a classroom setting, after-school enrichment programs, and summer camp models.

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The STEM Football curriculum is designed to pair strategic STEM-based activities with professional football history and current hot topics. STEM Football gives students the opportunity to get behind the sport they love with lessons centered around the innovation and technology behind gloves that receivers and defensive backs wear, in-game communication, and much more. STEM Football is an educational enrichment program made up of eight (8) modules and worksheets that align with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards. Each STEM Football kit includes a teacher’s manual -- that is easily administered -- and reusable sporting and science equipment in order for the program to be fully implemented. Although specifically composed for grades 3-6, the program is constructed with flexibility in mind as it can be scaled and taught to older student groups and in a variety of settings, i.e. in-school, after-school programs and in camp settings.


A STEM Football kit is priced at $999 and will reach hundreds of students over a handful of years. A STEM Football kit comes with all the sports equipment and other materials to go along with each lesson, including: six (6) youth size footballs, six (6) foam footballs, six (6) pairs of Cutters gloves, six (6) digital timers, six (6) 25' tape measures, one pair of (2) walkie-talkies, one (1) weight scale, one (1) blindfold, one (1) box of 1000 craft sticks, one (1) ball bag, one (1) ball pump, and one (1) set of inflation needles.


Module 1: Arm Strength – Youth Football vs. Foam Football

Module 2: Technological Advancements and Improved Quarterback Play

Module 3: The Advancement of In-Game Football Communication

Module 4: The Evolution of a Football Helmet

Module 5: Extra Point vs. Two-Point Conversion Success

Module 6: Intricacies of a Football Field and Engineering Design Process

Module 7: Calculating Football Distances

Module 8: Properties of a Football and a Foam Football

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It's recommended that each kit serve 12 students, or 6 pairs of students.