The USA BMX STEM program includes eight modules of hands-on exploration with a student-centered approach. STEM BMX uses the rising Olympic sport as a vehicle to positively engage all students in STEM learning, helping lead to increased academic achievement.

STEM Volleyball Cover

USA Volleyball became the second Olympic sport to sanction the STEM Sports program. Rooted in Next Generation Science Standards, this program was designed for grades 5-8, but also could be used for older or younger student groups.

STEM Basketball Cover

STEM Basketball is an eight (8) module curriculum that is equal parts education, athletics, and exercise.  STEM Basketball incorporates basic basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting into its curriculum to aid student's understanding of the science behind basketball.

STEM Soccer Cover

The STEM Soccer eight (8) module program combines soccer basics, such as dribbling, shooting, throw-ins, and even juggling and hot topics like goal-line technology with strategic STEM concepts to aid students understanding of the science behind soccer.

STEM Football Cover

The STEM Football program combines professional football history with current hot topics, including the technology behind football gloves and in-game communication with strategic STEM-based activities to help students understand some of the science behind football.

STEM Multi-Sport Cover

The project-based STEM Multi-Sport program includes eight (8) modules (two modules from each of our ball sports) of hands-on exploration. Through collaboration and strategic problem solving, students receive an enriched STEM education by investigating the science behind the sports they love.