STEM Hockey Curriculum & Activities
for Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Enhance students’ STEM skills with our STEM hockey activities



"The moment the hockey equipment was seen, they were hooked. All the questions about the game and how the equipment worked increased the conversation and learning instantly. My favorite part of STEM Sports is how the learning sneaks up on the students. They are 'having so much fun' playing hockey, but then are shocked when they are able to articulate the learning, even connecting it to the content in various subjects. As a teacher, I enjoy the ease and fun of STEM Sports. Here’s what a couple of my students shared..."

  • "I like that I got to learn about something new and I learned that hockey is harder than it looks."
  • "I loved the hands-on experience of actually using the equipment and hitting the puck."
Amy Rosengren
6th Grade Science Teacher, Choice Learning Academy

Students will have the advantage and can enforce their newfound skills when they face-off with STEM Hockey. They’ll reach all of their academic goals using our top-shelf curriculum…and there’s nothing unsportsmanlike about it!

  • Students will breakaway into the world of STEM and Hockey and learn about:

    • The game’s history and how the puck and stick’s composition has changed the sport.
    • The physical properties of ice and its molecular transformation during play from solid, liquid, and gas.
    • The fundamental areas on the playing surface/ice and how lines and areas uniquely correspond to the game’s rules.
    • Newton’s Second Law concerning shooting a wrister versus a one-timer.




Each STEM Hockey kit comes with One (1) STEM Hockey Curriculum Manual, Five (5) Floor Hockey Sticks right-hand), One (1) Floor Hockey Stick (left-hand), One (1) Floor Hockey Goalie Stick, Six (6) Floor Hockey Pucks, One (1) Ice Hockey Puck, One(1) Ice Hockey Puck cut in half, One (1) Radar Gun, Four-Hundred Seventy Five (475) Rubber Bands, One(1) Ball of String, One-Thousand (1,000) Craft Sticks, Twenty-Four (24) Disc Cones, Six (6) 25-foot Tape Measures, Six (6) Digital Stopwatches, One (1) Fishing Line Spool, Six (6) Ribbon Spools, and One (1) Masking Tape Roll.

No experience or previous knowledge of golf is required to teach this curriculum. Our STEM Sports hockey manual includes all of the necessary information about the sport and the science behind it to properly implement the curriculum.

Each manual contains content for a minimum of 16 hours of instruction that includes healthy, physical activity. All of the supplies in the kit are non-perishable and are designed to last for several years. Some supplied items may need to be replaced over time.

Yes, hockey lessons are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor settings. However, an outdoor environment (i.e. grass field, black top, etc.) is recommended for ease of implementation.

STEM Hockey includes activities and lessons surrounding fundamental areas on the playing surface/ice, the game’s history, physical properties of ice, and much more.

Yes, digital resources are available for all of our STEM Sports kits by visiting the digital tools link found in your curriculum manual.

Each curriculum has eight lessons aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and/or Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or National Standards for K-12 Physical Education.

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