Enhance students’ STEM skills with the STEM Special Teams Players kit and curriculum



Designed for special education and special needs students, STEM Special Teams Players is a fun and engaging way for students to learn and retain the concepts of STEM through a variety of sports. With each lesson aligned to NGSS and/or CCSS – Math and National K-12 Physical Education standards, students will have the opportunity to exercise their minds and bodies using their senses and skills to…

  • Learn about the behavior of a basketball using detailed observations, such as texture, stretch, and movement of the ball during a game.
  • Learn about the force of a golf swing by planning and carrying out an investigation through practice, including how accuracy and precision relate to applied force.
  • Learn how to engineer a hole-in-one using the Engineering Design Process (EDP) to design a solution for the problem of the ball not going in the hole.
  • Learn how to calculate distance using a coordinate plane system when playing pickleball.
  • Learn about chance/probability in soccer using penalty kicks to carry out an investigation to support their findings using the Scientific Method.

Our goal is to provide teachers with the necessary tools to ensure every student can think critically, collaborate, and problem solve. We have no doubt each Special Team Player will succeed in the classroom, on the field and court! 

STEM Special Teams Players Kit


Module 1: Basketball: Basketball Matters
Module 2: Basketball: Shot Tracking with and without Technology
Module 3: Golf: Engineer a Hole-in-One
Module 4: Golf: Finding the Sweet Spot: Force of a Golf Swing
Module 5: Pickleball: Stroke of Energy
Module 6: Pickleball: Dimensions of the Court
Module 7: Soccer: Forces in Soccer
Module 8: Soccer: Penalty Shootout: Kicks and Probability


The Special Teams Players kit includes: (1) STEM Special Teams Players Curriculum Manual; (6) 25.5” Outdoor Basketballs; (1) Set of Inflation Needles; (1) Ball Pump; (5) Cut Ball Swatches – Indoor; (5) Cut Ball Swatches – Outdoor; (3) PGA Tour Tee-Up Medium Size Irons; (3) PGA Tour Tee-Up Large Size Irons; (3) PGA Tour Tee-Up Medium Size Putters; (3) PGA Tour Tee-Up Large Size Putters; (1) PGA Tour Tee-Up Medium Size: Left-handed Iron; (1) PGA Tour Tee-Up Large Size: Left-handed Iron; (4) PGA Tour Tee-Up Flagstick; (8) PGA Tour Tee-Up Balls; (6) PGA Tour Tee-Up Launchpads; (6) Pickleballs; (6) Pickleball Paddles; (6) Size 5 Soccer Balls; (6) 25 Foot Tape Measures; (6) Digital Stopwatches; (1) Billie Jean King’s Sweet Spot Eye Coach System; (1) Packages of 100 Latex Balloons; (5) Calipers

Yes; all lessons correspond to National K-12 Physical Education standards, with the physical component of each sport tied to one or more concepts of STEM. The most commonly used physical education standards applied throughout the curriculum include:

Standard 1: The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns. 

Standard 2: The physically literate individual applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.

Standard 4: The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

Yes; there are 2-3 multiple choice, true/false, and text-dependent questions per lesson. Students will take the pre-assessment prior to entering the Engage section and then retake after the Evaluate section to effectively assess and reassess student’s knowledge of STEM concepts.

As it relates to physical assessment, students will engage physically with the lesson/sport during the Explore (practice) section and again during the Elaborate and/or Evaluate sections.

No; students will work on a particular skill per sport and connect its function to the concept of STEM. In addition, our website has a resource page per sport to support teachers and students to better understand each sport.

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