STEM Lacrosse Activities & Curriculum
for Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Enhance students’ STEM skills with lacrosse activities and curriculum



"After testing out the Lacrosse curriculum, the real world hands-on activities it provided and all of its fun facts, quizzes, and resources had my students all engaged and wanting to become a lacrosse player! If you are not already a STEAM school, then the curriculum provides a detailed overview of key STEM concept areas and learning objectives that can be used to kick start the introduction of STEM teaching methodologies and concepts! The layout was easy, fun, and I even used it for my observation day lesson. It was an awesome curriculum and my kids loved it!"
Ashley Martin
4th Grade Teacher Esperanza Community School, Maricopa County Regional School District​

There will be no failure to advance when students utilize our STEM Lacrosse curriculum in classrooms or after-school programs. Using their heads and the ones atop the provided sticks, youngsters will collaborate and problem solve using lacrosse as the real-life application. As examples, students will:

  • Learn how the position of a lacrosse stick will influence potential energy.

  • Design a piece of technology to track and enhance a player’s movement and performance.

  • Use the engineering design process to produce headgear that is both safe and functional for men and women during play.

  • Construct a scale model of a lacrosse field by applying math concepts of Units and Area.

Cradling is found in our 5E lesson sequence which provides all of the support needed for successful shots towards everyone’s educational goals. 




In addition to the teacher’s manual, a single STEM Lacrosse kit comes with one (1) STEM Lacrosse Curriculum Manual, six (6) lacrosse sticks, six (6) lacrosse balls, one (1) cut (halved) lacrosse ball, one (1) ball of string, twenty-four (24) disc cones, one (1) digital weight scale, six (6) 25-foot tape measures, one (1) fishing line spool, one (1) package of straws (100), one (1) box of toothpicks (500), six (6) ribbon spools, and six (6) masking tape rolls

No experience or previous knowledge of golf is required to teach this curriculum. Our STEM Sports Lacrosse manual includes all of the necessary information about the sport and the science behind it to properly implement the curriculum.

Each manual contains content for a minimum of 16 hours of instruction that includes healthy, physical activity. All of the supplies in the kit are non-perishable and are designed to last for several years. Some supplied items may need to be replaced over time.

STEM Lacrosse includes activities and lessons surrounding the velocity of a lacrosse ball in motion, the potential energy of a lacrosse stick, and much more.

Yes, lacrosse lessons are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor settings. However, an outdoor environment (i.e. grass field, etc.) is recommended for ease of implementation and for lessons regarding the proportions of a lacrosse field.

Yes, digital resources are available for all of our STEM Sports kits by visiting the digital tools link found in your curriculum manual.

Each curriculum has eight lessons aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and/or Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or National Standards for K-12 Physical Education.

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