STEM Soccer is an engaging educational enrichment program that includes an eight (8) module curriculum rooted in Next Generation Science Standards. STEM Soccer is flexible and can be implemented in a classroom setting, after-school enrichment programs, and summer camp models.

About the STEM Soccer Curriculum

Designed to pair strategic STEM-based activities with essential game-play and current hot topics, STEM Soccer gives students the opportunity to get behind the sport they love with lessons centered around the transformation and technology behind a soccer ball’s design and the materials that make it up, the history and innovation of goal-line technology and more. STEM Soccer is an eight (8) module educational enrichment program that comes complete with worksheets and aligns with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards. Each STEM Soccer kit includes a teacher’s manual – that administered easily – and all of the reusable sporting and science equipment for the program to be fully implemented. Although composed for grades 3-6, the program is constructed with flexibility in mind as it can be scaled and taught to older student groups and in a variety of settings, e.g., in-school, after-school programs and in camp settings.

STEM Soccer Kits

A STEM Soccer kit can reach hundreds of students over several years. Each STEM Soccer kit comes with one (1) teacher's manual, six (6) size five soccer balls, six (6) regulation size futsal balls, six (6) 25-foot tape measures, 24 disc cones, five (5) heart rate monitors, six (6) digital timers, six (6) training pinnies, four (4) tent pegs, one (1) roll of string, one (1) roll of masking tape, one (1) ball pump, one (1) set of inflation needles, and one (1) ball bag.

A Soccer Kit is priced at $1,099.00.

Curriculum Breakdown

Module 1

Science of Throw-ins

Module 2

Calculating Calories and Heart-Rate

Module 3

Balance and Control with Soccer

Module 4

Soccer Ball vs. Futsal Ball

Module 5

Ball Tuning

Module 6

Angles: Shooting Space

Module 7

Goal-Line Technology

Module 8

Probability and Penalty Kicks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) How many students does each kit serve?

It’s recommended that each kit serve 12 students, or 6 pairs of students.

(2) How long does each kit last?

No item in any STEM Sports kit is perishable. Therefore, kits can be used numerous times over several years with normal wear and tear.

(3) How many students can a single STEM Soccer kit serve over time?

Literally hundreds. Each of the eight lessons/modules is designed for groups of 12 students or six pairs. If a classroom has 24 students, they would break up into two groups and the same lesson would be administered to all 24 students, simultaneously. If the entire kit was used in four different classrooms over the course of one-half of a school year, 96 students would be served or as many as 192 over the course of one year.

(4) What program format are kits most effective in?

All STEM Sports programs are strategically designed for flexibility. This allows them to be implemented in a variety of settings. STEM Soccer is equally effective whether administered in traditional classrooms, after-school programs, summer camps, or weekend retreats.

(5) Who can teach the STEM Sports program?

STEM Soccer is strategically designed to allow anyone with a basic understanding of STEM principles to administer the program. Teacher manuals provide instructors with the the proper framework and tools to implement each lesson plan.

(6) How long does shipping take?

Once a Purchase Order or Payment is received, kits will arrive in five (5) business days.

(7) What are all possible payment methods?

Acceptable payment methods include purchase order, check, and credit card.

(8) Can I see a sample curriculum?

Yes, request a curriculum sample by emailing

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