STEM Lacrosse Resources

In addition to our teaching manual, here you can find charts and visuals that reinforce the STEM Lacrosse module objectives for the most effective and dynamic learning experience possible.

Designing and Constructing a Lacrosse Helmet

See some of the background as Easton conceives, concepts and builds their Raptor lacrosse helmet.

How It’s Made: Lacrosse Head

Did you ever wonder how a lacrosse head was made? Watch this video to see the  journey from sketch, to 3D model, to final product.

How It’s Made: Lacrosse Shaft

A look into manufacturing the new Metal 2 shafts. It is important for StringKing to have their hands in every part of the manufacturing so they can make the best product possible. They work very closely with one of the best aluminum manufacturers in the world to make the lightest, strongest shafts possible for players.

Precision Science - Technological Advances in Sport

To find out more about the role of science in sport, visit the IMG Academy in Florida and take a look at the specially tailored programs that are being developed to encompass the whole range of the sports science sphere.

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