STEM Basketball Resources, Activities & Curriculum

Basketball History

This madehow article can be used to help students understand some of the history behind basketball and how a basketball is made.

Pass Types

This video shows students the basic three types of passes - chest, bounce, and overhead - and even incorporates a more difficult pass into the mix.

Basketball Technology

The link below will take you to the app we use in STEM Basketball Module 7.0. This app uses artificial intelligence to measure shot tracking and analytics . Follow the link to find out more information  HomeCourt app

Calculating Calories

Every activity, including our own STEM Basketball Module 6.0, has its own Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) value that reflects how much oxygen your body consumes doing the activity. The University of South Carolina has published one of the most extensive charts available on MET’s. It can be found here.

STEM Video

Below is a video from the September 2018 Apple event. The video features Basketball Hall of Fame member Steve Nash and HomeCourt co founder David Lee who present on the HomeCourt app. The app features Artificial Intelligence, Science, and Basketball shot tracking.

Click to Play the September 2018 Apple Event Video

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