Creative STEM Careers

What is a STEM Career?

STEM careers are roles that utilize science, technology, engineering, and/or math to complete their daily tasks. Many STEM careers can also be considered STEAM careers because of the need for creative thinking. In our rapidly changing world, STEM and STEAM workers are tasked with finding innovative solutions to real-world problems that help the United States and the world improve. For example, the invention of the electric car to combat rising pollution rates. The creation of the electric car required engineers, car designers, mathematicians, and many more STEM and STEAM professionals. This collaboration continues as they work to expand and improve the technology.

Interesting Creative STEM Careers

In this article, you will learn more about engaging STEM careers that use creative thinking. Each career includes a brief description, the average salary in the United States, and a link to a current job opening. 

*The average salaries listed in this article are based on internet findings from April 2, 2023. These are subject to change and should not be considered a hard and fast salary when applying for these careers.

Front-end Developer (Websites)

Description: A front-end developer is responsible for creating the interface that users interact with on a website. This includes writing code, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to create the functionality needed for consumers to interact with the website. Front-end developers have the opportunity to be creative on a daily basis when building websites. They have control over some of the colors, designs, layouts, and interactions that will take place on the website. This is a great example of a STEAM career that uses STEM and arts to achieve daily tasks. 

Average Annual Salary: $109,128

Current Job Opening: Insight Global Front-end Developer (Remote)

Product Designer

Description: Product designers ensure the functionality and design of various products are going to be liked and used by consumers. They are responsible for understanding user behavior and using creative thinking to develop exciting, new brand experiences. An example of this is a shoe product designer. They work on the look and function of the shoe while keeping it aligned with the company’s brand standards. 

Average Annual Salary: $124,109

Current Job Opening: Overstory Product Designer (Remote)

Video Game Designer

Description: Video game designers work with a team of developers to create a video game’s plot, characters, graphics, and all other details. Oftentimes they work in designated teams that all focus on different creative aspects of the game. People who fill these roles are extremely creative, think outside of the box, and have a deep understanding of user behaviors. Job openings in this field have been increasing rapidly over the last 15-20 years and show no signs of slowing down with the constant improvements to technology and animation. 

Average Annual Salary: $67,451

Link to Current Job Opening: Midnight Society Gameplay Designer (Remote)


Description: Architects create the blueprint designs for commercial buildings, homes, and public art pieces. The best architects find ways to create secure designs that utilize unique shapes and angles to create visually appealing buildings. This career path requires creative thinking and problem solving skills to develop designs that are noteworthy and pass engineer reviews and requirements. 

Average Annual Salary: $93,630

Link to Current Job Opening: Robert Half Solutions Architect (Remote)

IOS and Android Application Developer

Description: Application Developers are responsible for coding the software needed for IOS and Android applications. These individuals have to create unique application functionality using code to integrate with other applications and business platforms to meet business needs. Application developers are often responsible for the front-end, back-end, and middleware development needed to create a fully functioning application. This requires a detail oriented mind to creatively solve problems using hard skills in science and technology. 

Average Annual Salary: $104,724

Link to Current Job Opening: Magnus Technology Solutions Mobile App Developer (Remote)

CRM Marketing Manager

Description: A Customer relationship management (CRM) Marketing Manager is responsible for monitoring, improving, and strategically utilizing CRM systems. The goal of CRM managers is to understand consumer behavior and utilize management systems to help improve the customer journey and experience. People in this role are often data driven and are able to easily understand complex insights used to strategically transform a business’ day-to-day efforts. 

Average Annual Salary: $88,406

Link to Current Job Opening: The Athletic Media Company CRM Marketing Manager (Remote)

Educator (Middle School, High School, or College)

Description: Teachers are responsible for preparing future generations for the workforce. At the middle school, high school, and college levels, educators are able to focus on which subject they want to specialize in. STEM teachers get to use their STEM literacy and creative thinking skills to implement engaging lessons that get students engaged. Many educators even have the opportunity to implement cross-curricular lesson plans that allow them to take a more innovative approach to education. 

Average Annual Salary:

  • $61,320 – Middle School Teacher
  • $61,820 – High School Teacher
  • $194,938 – College Professor

Link to Current Job Opening: Grand Canyon University Physics Professor

Computer Science

Description: Computer scientists create and test software systems. These careers can be for specific software companies or private businesses that create and use their own specialized software. Computer scientists are strong in mathematics and technology, using these skills and 21st-century skills to create software that improves the everyday lives of people. 

Average Annual Salary: $94,148

Link to Current Job Opening: Snaphunt Computer Scientist (Remote)

Civil Engineer

Description: Civil engineers design and supervise the building of major construction projects such as roads, bridges, airports, buildings, and dams. It is the engineer’s job to think creatively and design beautiful buildings in conjunction with safety standards. Civil engineers need to be attentive to detail, creative, and skilled in mathematics. 

Average Annual Salary: $85,527

Link to Current Job Opening: Actalent Civil Engineer (Remote) 

Software Developer

Description: Software developers create computer programs that help businesses and individuals complete specific tasks. Oftentimes, individuals with a software development skill set can work as developers or as quality assurance testers. Regardless of their role on the team, these individuals use innovative thinking to develop new, cutting edge software meant to help improve the lives and productivity of others. 

Average Annual Salary: $120,730

Link to Current Job Opening: US News & World Report Software Developer (Remote)

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