Preschool STEM Engagement

From the time a child is born they are being taught an array of life skills. Originally, they are simple things such as walking and talking. However, the lessons do not always stop there for many of these impressionable minds. They are constantly listening, observing and taking in all of the ideas they are exposed to. It is their curious nature that exposing them to STEM before they even start kindergarten can be an effective way to kickstart their learning.

Sesame Street is a childhood entertainment show that has been around for over 50 years. Their target age range is children between three-and-five-years-old and their shows are full of cute, animated characters. However, Sesame Street does not simply just entertain young children. On their website, they have a STEM page. Little Discoverers introduces science, technology, engineering and math to preschool kids in a fun, engaging way.

They offer videos and activities to get kids interested in STEM before their formal education has even begun.

The videos introduce concepts such as science experiments, engineering, measurement, properties of matter, force and motion and sink and float. These are all topics far beyond the typical knowledge of preschool aged children; yet, they are able to introduce it in a way that the kids are able to understand.

Each of the video topics has a corresponding activity that the kids can do either at home or with their educator. Each STEM activity kit is equipped with key vocabulary, goals, materials and step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the lesson. The lesson plan comes on a printable document that the child can use to write down all of their findings and observations. These easy to implement and fun activities are a great way to stimulate STEM learning both at school and in the home.

Sesame Street has created an easy way to engage three-to-five-year-old kids in STEM topics. This early start to science, technology, engineering and math will benefit these children as they continue throughout the education system and into their future professions. By starting them at such a young age, this will allow them to feel comfortable with these subjects and hopefully create a love for them that will continue.