Best Homeschool STEM Curriculum for All Grades

When parents homeschool their children, it is not a small decision or commitment. When creating an effective homeschool environment, parents are tasked with creating a setting compatible with learning and finding a way to implement engaging lessons that touch on all core subjects. Among these essential components of homeschool education is the inclusion of STEM education that aligns with educational standards, such as Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS). 

In this article, we will highlight how parents can easily and effectively implement STEM lessons with their children through the use of STEM Sports® curricula kits, which make learning a hands-on and engaging experience for K-8 students. 

Why Choose STEM Sports® Kits for Homeschooling?

The turnkey STEM Sports® curricula are perfect for homeschool settings where parents are looking for STEM lesson plans that do not require additional materials or a lot of preparation. Beyond the ease of implementation, there are a variety of features and benefits of STEM Sports® education kits that make it the best option for parents of a single child or multiple children.

Features & Benefits of STEM Sports® Kits:

Below are some of the many benefits of implementing STEM Sports® kits with your homeschooled child/children:

  1. Hands-On Learning: Each STEM Sports® curricula kit includes materials and instructions for interactive, hands-on activities that make learning fun and engaging.
  2. Aligned with Standards: All STEM Sports® lessons are aligned with NGSS, CCSS, and National K-12 Physical Education Standards.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum: The STEM kits cover a wide range of STEM topics, using sports as a facilitator. This ensures a well-rounded education.
  4. Encourages Physical Activity: Each curricula kit combines physical education with STEM learning, promoting both mental and physical health in students. This makes it the perfect addition to the homeschooled classroom, to combine an active learning environment and traditional learning methods. 

Homeschool STEM Kits for Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten is a foundational portion of a child’s education. It is when they are introduced to the world of learning, allowing their curiosity to lead them through lessons. During this time, homeschooled students must be exposed to high-quality STEM curricula that help them learn core skills and connect them to real-world scenarios. STEM Multi-Sport Kit and Curriculum is created specifically for kindergarten through second-grade students. Throughout the lessons, students use sports as a way to introduce motor skills, spatial awareness, and movement patterns related to STEM. This STEM kit helps create a strong STEM foundation for students to continue improving their STEM literacy throughout elementary school and beyond.

Homeschool STEM Kits for Elementary School Students

During elementary school, students start to develop their subject preferences, which impacts the way they approach their education and the courses they choose to take as they progress into middle and high school. This makes it an important time for parents to ensure students are having positive STEM learning experiences that promote continued learning and exploration. 

Here are three must-use STEM Sports® curricula kits for homeschooled elementary students:

  1. STEM Sports® Basketball Grades 3-5 
  2. STEM Sports® Hockey Grades 3-5 
  3. STEM Sports® Lacrosse Grades 3-5 
  4. STEM Sports® Volleyball Grades 3-5
STEM Sports Hockey

STEM Kits for Middle School Students

By middle school, students already have their educational preferences and are starting to explore potential career paths. As parents of homeschooled students, it is key students still get exposure to real-life career paths that they could have if they continue to do well in school. In the STEM Sports® curricula, each lesson is connected to STEM Jobs in Sports that use the skills students are learning in the lesson. Below are some of the many STEM Sports® curricula kits for middle school students that will help prepare middle school students for STEM courses in high school, college, and future STEM careers. 

  1. STEM Sports® Baseball Grades 6-8 
  2. STEM Sports® Golf Grades 6-8
  3. STEM Sports® Soccer Grades 6-8
  4.  STEM Sports® Tennis Grades 6-8

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When homeschooling students, we want to ensure they are pacing alongside or ahead of students in their grade who are in a traditional classroom setting. The best way to ensure alignment with state education standards and STEM literacy among elementary school and middle school students is through hands-on STEM learning experiences. If you are a parent of a homeschooled student looking to explore how STEM Sports® can help elevate your student’s at-home learning, click here. 

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