Educators Turning to Disguised Learning

Disguised learning, also known as stealth learning, is the process of using games and other creative methods to teach young students. The goal is to present STEM curriculum in a way that children feel they are playing rather than learning, which will make them more receptive to the material.

The current generation of students have grown up in a technological age where they prefer and expect instant gratification. It is because of these children’s unique learning style that educators everywhere are beginning to shift away from traditional lectures to focus on active learning.

According to Prensky, “adding fun into the process will not only make learning and training much more enjoyable and compelling, but far more effective as well”.

This learning method can be used in all educational areas from STEM to STEAM. Both online and hands-on, these kids are able to engage in games that have a direct connection to a classroom topic. Stealth learning is not only engaging for the kid but also enhances their creativity and life skills.

An article in Australia’s School Subscription Solutions touched on this topic by saying, “by connecting classrooms to the real world, teachers can demonstrate the relevance of subjects and give students a vision of what is possible- providing a meaningful framework for both academic and personal development”.

The times are changing, so the educational system must change as well. STEM Sports®’s CEO Jeff Golner gave a TED talk at Grand Canyon University on the importance of this type of learning. Golner’s company gives a unique curriculum that focuses on children learning about science, technology, engineering and math through sports activities. The science of sport is the basis of the curriculum and it focuses on kids understanding the details behind what is going on in a certain sport.

STEM Sports® is one of many companies who have bought into the idea of disguised learning. STEM activities, kits and ideas can be found all over the internet for how to apply stealth learning to any classroom. This new era of education will make kids more prepared for the real world after high school and college.

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