How to Get Kids Interested in Technology

Kids are growing up in a time when technology is an integral part of their everyday lives. Whether they are in the classroom or at home, kids are using computers, televisions, iPads, phones, video game systems, and other devices. A common misconception could be that the use of these devices means kids have an interest and passion for technology. This isn’t necessarily true. 


Very few kids know what goes into building the devices that are constantly changing and impacting our society. As parents and educators, there is an opportunity to introduce technology to kids in a way that harbors a passion for them moving forward in their education.

Throughout this article, we will show different ways to get kids interested in technology:

Take a Trip to a Science Museum or Robotics Center 


Science and robotics museums are a great way to introduce kids to technology in a fun, hands-on environment. These museums have everything kids need to engage in each lesson and explore different areas of technology in a setting that also has all of the answers. 


These museums are created in a way that aims to introduce complex technology concepts through disguised learning. This method of teaching gives kids the illusion they are playing when, in reality, they are learning about something new.


Learn Tech with Them 


Getting involved and learning alongside kids gives them the support and comfort they need to dive into new and possibly intimidating subjects. It is important to allow kids to move at their own pace and answer questions together through research, educational videos, and other learning methods. By troubleshooting together, you are showing them it is okay not to know the answer right away. This is a great opportunity to give kids a positive learning experience while also becoming a role model for them as they continue to grow their knowledge around technology. 


Set Limitations on Their Screen Time 


Just because we are introducing kids to technology does not mean they need to constantly be using their devices! It is important to create healthy boundaries around technology to ensure kids are engaging with education and life away from screens or screen time. This balance is important to their development as well as their growing knowledge of technology. 


One great way to ensure your kids are not too reliant on technology is to enforce a “no phones at the dinner table” rule. This ensures that there is a designated portion of their nightly routine with no technology distracting them. This introduces in-person conversations that allow them to work on their soft skills, which have been proven to be equally as important during job interviews. 


Enroll Them in Coding Classes and Camps 


Enrolling your kids in coding classes and camps is a great way to engage them in technology and help them gain helpful skills for the future. Programming and coding jobs are growing faster than the job market. They are rising 50% faster than the market overall. By introducing your kids to coding, regardless of age group, you are making them more competitive when it is time for them to enter the workforce. 


Outside of the educational advantage, this can also be a great place for kids to make friends with similar interests. By allowing them to meet other kids who are interested in learning about technology, you are setting them up to continue learning about technology and STEM in a fun, collaborative way.


Embrace Video Games 


Kids’ love for video games isn’t going away. As parents and educators, we can take advantage of this by helping kids see that they are fun and also educational. Showing kids the technology behind video games is a great way to pique their interest, even if they are not typically 

interested in STEM.


A great introductory talking point to show the technology and math behind video game design is

random number generators (RNG). In video games, RNGs are used to trigger events in the game. For example, this is what decides the likelihood of you getting a rare item. This simple number generator has a huge impact on the games kids are playing every day. By showing them this, you are opening up the gateway to them continuing to learn about the technology behind their favorite games. 


Point Out the Use of Tech in Everyday Life 


Real-world examples are a great way to increase kids’ comprehension of a subject. With technology, there are endless opportunities to make connections on a daily basis. A great point to make is how technology has changed the way we live our daily lives and how it is constantly changing and progressing. Kids have grown up in the era of cell phones and computers. Ask them to think about how their lives would be different if they didn’t have these things. This is a great way to show them the importance of technology and the people who work in this field. 


These real-world examples are a great way to show kids the importance of this subject. Technology is about more than them learning code, it is something that plays a major role in their lives and will continue to impact them moving forward. 


Technology Kits & Gifts 


Technology-focused kits and gifts are a great way to engage kids in a variety of different settings. Below is a list of great educational gifts to get your kid excited about technology:

How to Get Kids Interested in STEM Through Sports 


Sports offers a hands-on way to get kids engaged in STEM activities. At STEM Sports®, we focus on using sports as a way to provide kids with real-world examples that help them navigate and comprehend STEM concepts. By using something kids are familiar with, sports, we allow kids to take risks in their education and make connections between the lesson and the sport they are currently playing. 


In STEM Football, we introduce students to math and technology during the technological advancements and improved quarterback play lesson. During this lesson, students collect data and display it in a bar graph. Students then use the bar graph to make a claim about the

effectiveness of receiver gloves. By giving them tangibles, students are able to work at their own pace to troubleshoot this subject and come up with the best result. 


As a company, we believe that the best way to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and math is to give them hands-on opportunities to interact with the subjects in a setting where they are comfortable. Sports is a great way to engage kids, regardless of current interests, by getting their minds and bodies active during each lesson. To learn more about our curricula offerings, click here


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