Is Sports Science a STEM Subject?

STEM is a widely used term to describe science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects, curriculum, degrees, and careers. However, this blanket abbreviation for these subjects does not cover the extent of what can be considered a STEM subject.

There are a variety of soft science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects that still fall under the STEM umbrella. For example, a commonly asked question is: is sports science a STEM subject?

The answer to this question is yes! Sports science is a subject associated with degrees and career paths that many professionals pursue. In this article, STEM Sports® will break down what sports science is, what degrees focus on this subject, the benefits of pursuing this career path, and how STEM Sports® uses this subject to engage K-8 students.

What are some of the sports science degrees?

Sports science degrees focus on utilizing STEM skills to benefit and enhance the sports industry. Many sports-loving individuals choose a sports career path that revolves around STEM subjects. But, a common roadblock for students and young adults can be knowing what degrees are available in sports science.

Below are popular sports science degrees that you or your child could use to build a career:
-Sports Nutrition
-Exercise and Conditioning Science
-Sports Physiotherapy
-Sports and Human Performance
– Sport Pharmacy
-Sports Medicine
-Sports Training
-Exercise and Sports Psychology
-Occupational Therapy

Why is sports science a STEM degree?

Over the last few decades, there has been a huge growth in the sports industry, leading to an expansion of professions surrounding sports. Whether it be for franchises, associations, colleges, or other avenues, there has been an increase in both job types and volume. Some may argue that sports science does not directly fall under the STEM degree and career category. However, sports science is being widely considered a STEM degree because of its close overlap with key STEM applications and lessons.

While sports science may be a slightly different approach and view on STEM, many degrees and careers in this field utilize science, technology, engineering, and math in order to advance their careers and the field. For example, sports medicine is a well-known career in both STEM and sports that are being utilized by sports teams around the world. This sports-focused career follows closely with a doctor’s path but has an emphasis and focus on an athlete’s body and how to enhance performance.

Sports science with STEM Sports

Sports is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, making it even more essential to have passionate, qualified individuals filling these roles. Sports science offers a unique way to engage a wide range of students. Some students are going to naturally be more engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math subjects than others. Some kids may be more focused and interested in sports and physical education. Sports science is a great opportunity for parents and educators to get kids, regardless of their current interests, engaged in the classroom.

STEM Sports® offers K-8 curricula that use sports as a way to facilitate STEM learning. Each lesson uses sports to introduce science, technology, engineering, or math concepts to students using hands-on learning and real-world examples. In a STEM Golf lesson, students learn about the role kinetic energy plays in the sport. During the lesson, students collect and analyze data that demonstrates the relationship between mass, velocity, and kinetic energy in golf. Students are then tasked with making a claim about kinetic energy in golf and supporting their claim with evidence and scientific reasoning.

Using sports in STEM education is a great way to get students involved in lessons both physically and mentally. It gives them tangible examples necessary to see why what they are learning is important and shows how it relates to the world around them. By doing this, we are introducing students to obtainable careers by continuing to focus on STEM literacy. In each STEM lesson, STEM Sports includes a section around STEM jobs in sports, which is a great conversation starter at home and in the classroom around degree paths and the STEM workforce.

If you are a parent or educator interested in introducing sports science to students, click here to see STEM Sports® current curricula offerings.


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