Module 5.0: Engineering a Pitching Machine Grades 6-8

Welcome to your Module 5.0: Engineering a Pitching Machine Grades 6-8

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1. Which is the best reasoning: why do engineers, scientists and coaches need consistent and controlled data?

2. Put the steps of the Engineering Design Process for designing a pitching machine in order:

  • a. Plan and build a prototype: Draw diagrams and build a device that will throw consistent pitches.
  • b. Brainstorming and multiple designs for a solution.
  • c. Identify the problem: Improving swing and hitting skills is difficult with the variables of a human pitcher.
  • d. Redesign: Make changes to your design based on the data and practice.
  • e. Test the prototype: Plan an experiment where you test the consistency of your prototype.
  • f. Communicate: Present your idea and results to the class or team.