Module 5.1: Volleyball – Adaptive Technology Grades 6-8

Welcome to your Module 5.1: Volleyball – Adaptive Technology Grades 6-8

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1. Which of the following is an essential reason to collect data when testing a design?

2. Put the steps of the Engineering Design for Adaptive Volleyball in order:

a. Plan and build a prototype: Draw diagrams and build a device or implement a support.
b. Brainstorming and multiple designs for a solution.
c. Identify the problem: Some of the players in adaptive volleyball need assistance to retrieve balls that went out-of-play.
d. Redesign: Make changes to your design based on the data and interviews.
e. Test the prototype: Ask a local adaptive team to test the device or system, or play adaptive volleyball and test it. Record data and interview participants on its success.
f. Communicate: Present your idea and results to the class or email your ideas to the adaptive sports league.
g. Research: Learn more about adaptive sports and who plays? What kind of disabilities do players have? Interview players about their challenges.