Science Gifts for Kids

Science kits are a great way to get kids excited about STEM. These science gifts allow hands-on exposure to science concepts that make learning fun. Regardless of age or skill level, there are science kits for a variety of different areas of science that can be used to engage kids.

In this article, we will share some great science gifts for kids that can be used at home, in the classroom, during camps, or in afterschool programs:

For more advice on how to get kids interested in science, check out this guide from the team at STEM Sports@.

STEM Sports® All-Star Kit 

The STEM Sports® All-Star Kit is a subscription model that uses sport as a way to facilitate science, technology, engineering, and math lessons. Kids receive a monthly box that features a different sport that will be used to give real-world examples of the STEM concept they will be learning. 

 The STEM Sports® All-Star Kit promotes hands-on learning that allows kids to learn through doing rather than seeing. This science kits make a great gift for kids regardless of their current interests. This allows the sports lover, who isn’t usually interested in STEM, to engage with science in an environment where they are comfortable. Similarly, this allows the STEM lover to get active and exercise while still learning more about science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Telescopes and Microscopes

Kids are often intrigued by stars and planets. Telescopes are a great way to allow them to explore these things and connect their imagination to the world around them. Below are three telescopes that are kid-friendly:

 Microscopes are a great way to introduce kids to science in a fun way. This allows them to explore the world around them on a deeper level and see things from a different point of view. 

 When purchasing science tools for kids, it is important to find easy-to-use options that allow kids to use the materials independently. This allows them to have fun and build confidence in their science skills. 


Science Board Games

Learning through play is a great way to keep kids engaged and allow them to have fun with their education. It is proven that kids retain information better when they are active in the lesson and are having fun. This makes board games an effective way to help kids strengthen their science skills.


Click below to see science board games that kids can play with friends or family:

 Robotics Kits 

If you are looking for a gift idea for a kid who enjoys science and technology, a robotics kit is a perfect choice. These kits allow kids to improve their ability to problem-solve while also developing their computational thinking skills. 


Here are three great robotics kits that kids can implement at home:

Chemistry Sets 

Chemistry kits are a great way to turn your child into a scientist at home. Many of these kits are turnkey and can be easily implemented with little to no guidance from parents. There are kits targeting a variety of different age groups and can be a great introduction to STEM starting as early as preschool. 

Rock/Mineral Kits


Getting your kid a rock kit is a creative way to improve their science skills and introduce them to a new hobby. During this activity, you can introduce your child to a possible career connected to the activity. Sharing facts about geologists will give kids a real world example and get them excited about a possible future career path. 


Science Books 

Educational books are a resource that can be helpful in getting kids interested in science. Kids are naturally curious and these books can be used to get them the answers they are looking for and spark new interests. 

Science books can also be a way for you to spend one-on-one time with your kids. Creating a nightly routine of reading from a book will be beneficial for your relationship and their education. Many of these books also include experiments and activities that you can easily implement at home with common household items. This gives opportunities to expand your child’s ability to learn in a variety of different ways.

Below are a few science books you can purchase today:

Other STEM Sports Ideas to Consider 

Finding ways to engage kids in science in a fun, exciting way is essential to their continued passion for the subject. Science kits are a way to do this that improves their comprehension and gives them a positive experience that makes them want to continue learning more. 


Many science kits utilize hands-on learning, which has many proven benefits to retention rates. At STEM Sports®, we focus on keeping kids mentally and physically active during each lesson. In STEM Football, students describe how damage to the brain can influence senses. Students describe how football helmet technology can help protect players from injuring their brain. This allows kids to participate in active learning and the engineering design process (EDP) to solve a real problem that is faced in sports. 


Science kits are especially beneficial at home, where kids tend to overuse screen time and technology. Use of the aforementioned kits means time away from screens to exercise their minds and pique their intellectual curiosity. To see other ways to get your kid involved with STEM Sports®, click here.


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