The Science of Baseball

Because of the many STEM concepts that encompass the world of baseball, it is a sport we love at STEM Sports®. The STEM Baseball curriculum explores the relationship between the speed of a baseball and the energy of a baseball through a controlled experiment. It applies math/measurements to identify similarities and differences from baseball’s first fields and today’s fields in order to recognize technological advancements of the game. We will explore these concepts and others throughout this blog, including how students can transcend this knowledge for a career in STEM and/or Sports.

Baseball is certainly a sport analyzed, interpreted, and driven by statistics. Likewise, the majority of baseball fans identify with the “M” in STEM as a significant part of the game. That said, how many fans and/or stakeholders of the game would detect the science, technology, and engineering components of the game? Expectedly, professionals in STEM and sports would not only identify, but apply one or more of these components in their day-to-day jobs. Our students examine, experiment, and explain through the following STEM Sports® lessons to effectively prepare for a career in STEM

Composition of a Baseball

Concept: Science: States of Matter, Observation
Objective: Students will make observations and measurements of different types of materials. Students will explain how properties impact the function of a baseball.
Standards: NGSS & National K-12 Physical Education
STEM Jobs in Sports:

  • Baseball Manufacturer
  • Director of Baseball Operations
  • Baseball Umpire
  • High School Physics Teacher & Assistant Baseball Coach
  • Equipment Manager

The Art of Pitching

Concept: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
Objective: Students will design an experiment that collects evidence on gravity and pushing forces on two different pitching motions: Wind-up and the Stretch. Students will justify their explanation using key terms of balanced and unbalanced forces.
Standards: NGSS & National K-12 Physical Education
STEM Jobs in Sports:

  • Performance Coach
  • Baseball Engineer
  • Sports Videographer
  • Sports Statistical Analyst
  • Baseball Scout

The Field of Play

Concept: Units and Area and/or Pythagorean Theorem
Objective: Students will compare and contrast which position on the field requires the strongest arm and fastest player by using distances on a coordinate plane system. Students will calculate the unknown distance of a right triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem.
Standards: CCSS & National K-12 Physical Education
STEM Jobs in Sports:

  • Baseball Developer (IT) – Baseball Data and Development
  • Head Baseball Coach & Middle School Math Teacher
  • Groundskeeper: Baseball & Softball Fields
  • Assistant Athletic Director & JV Baseball Coach
  • Parks & Recreation: Equipment Operator

Advancements in Baseball

Concept: Engineering: Reviewing Design Solutions; Use of Technology
Objective: Students will define the criteria and constraints of an identified problem. Students will test a solution to the problem and analyze the data for improvements. Students will evaluate two solutions to a problem and use evidence to determine if they meet the criteria and constraints of the problem.
Standards: NGSS & National K-12 Physical Education
STEM Jobs in Sports:

  • Director of Broadcast Technology
  • Patent Agent
  • Sports Columnist
  • Sports Photographer
  • Internet – Sports Producer

We value and acknowledge the importance of statistics in the game, which is why it is STEM Baseball’s “Capstone” project to commensurate student’s knowledge.

The Best Team, Statistically

Objective: Students will compare baseball players using qualitative descriptions and qualitative statistics. Students will evaluate the best team by using statistics to play a simulated baseball game.
Concepts: Math: Statistics and Probability
Standards: CCSS
STEM Jobs in Sports:

  • Baseball Statistician 
  • League Official
  • Scoreboard Operator
  • Official Scorekeeper
  • Baseball: Camp Director

Our mission is to provide educators with the necessary tools and resources to inspire and motivate their students to be the next generation of leaders in STEM and/or sports. By delivering curricula that imparts a hands-on approach to learning through critical thinking and collaboration, we aspire to create an environment that is meaningful and intrinsically rewarding for educators and students.

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