STEM Activities for Kids

Many parents and educators know the growing importance of STEM education. However, there can often be confusion around what is categorized as a STEM activity. A STEM activity is anything that engages someone in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

STEM Sports® is passionate about engaging students in STEM, regardless of location. STEM learning can take place in the classroom, in afterschool programs, during summer camps, or at home. Below are five engaging STEM activities that can be easily implemented by parents, students, and educators. 

  1. Alka-Seltzer Lava Lamp

A great tactic to engage kids in STEM education is to trigger their senses. In this build-your-own lava lamp activity, they have the opportunity to engage in science and chemistry while also making something visually appealing. This exciting end result can cause increased excitement around the project, leading to higher retention rates. 

  1. Build a Stethoscope   

A huge aspect of child engagement is real-world examples and jobs that use STEM concepts. This DIY stethoscope brings children into the role of a nurse, doctor, or medical technician! It is not only educational but it has a final project your children can play with long after the activity is over. 

  1. Create a Straw Oboe 

STEM meets STEAM! This project will turn your child into an engineer by tapping into their creative side. Using the EDP (engineering design process), children will construct multiple oboes to determine the most effective and operative model.

  1. Building a Passive Solar Heater 

Going green is a concept children have grown up hearing. During this experiment, they will build their own passive solar heating system. This is not only a science activity but shows children how solar energy works. This can be an introductory lesson to many other solar power-related STEM activities.

  1. STEM Sports® All-Star Kit 

This subscription-based STEM activity gives students the opportunity to engage in STEM concepts through the use of sports. Over five consecutive months, students will be delivered a STEM lesson that features a different sport used as a facilitator of a complex STEM concept. By using sports, parents and educators are able to use disguised learning to engage students in STEM with a sense of confidence and comfortability.

Making STEM fun is an essential part of keeping children engaged, providing an opportunity and experience to further pursue their passion for STEM. The five STEM activities above are a few of many great, engaging lessons easy to implement in any environment.  

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