STEM Sports integrates class lessons with sports in Phoenix schools

By Haley Stesiak of on April 9, 2018

Students and teachers in Phoenix discuss the impact of presenting standard math and science concepts through sports and the opportunity given to students for a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience.

Students at Larry C. Kennedy School in Phoenix are getting the opportunity to learn STEM curriculum through sports with new STEM Sports modules in their after-school programs.

STEM Sports combines getting kids active in participating in sports while incorporating STEM learning. The programs are used in elementary and middle schools across the country.

“It gives a great connection for the kids,” Larry C. Kennedy fourth grade teacher Matthew Poland said. “You can tell a kid about addition and subtraction, but once you start giving them something to attach to, that they care about, like sports, then they can really get into the sport…it really stays with them longer.”

Getting kids active while learning plays a big role in the success that the use of STEM Sports has, STEM Sports President and CEO Jeff Golner said.

“I think the greatest thing about the curriculum is kind of the double play of physical activity as well as cognitive thinking,” Golner said. “All of the curriculum puts the students in the field or court of play, but also keeps them in the classroom where there are worksheets to work on.”

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