STEM Sports® is hard at work

We hope you all enjoyed a nice Labor Day! The nation is always hard at work and STEM Sports® has been too. Since 2016, STEM Sports® has offered turnkey curricula to educators that align with both Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Through STEM Basketball, STEM Football, STEM Soccer, STEM Volleyball and STEM Multi-Sport, students are able to learn about complex science, technology, engineering and math concepts through sport.

Soon, STEM Sports® will be releasing volume two of the STEM curriculum kits. With the same effective, active learning approach but with add-ons to further the students comprehension and the “educators” implementation. 

STEM Sports® Volume 2 is differentiated by grades 3rd to 5th and 6th to 8th to ensure students retain concepts that align with their skill level and STEM education progression. Throughout the 16-plus hours of guided STEM education, students will learn critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and leadership skills. In addition, K to 2nd will be offered, which will provide a solid foundation around STEM concepts while continuing to develop fine motor skills through Sports at the lower-primary level.

For 6-8 students, there is a final capstone they can participate in after completing the modules in the STEM curriculum kit. This allows them to expand their knowledge on the concepts they learned throughout the lessons. 

There will be online assessments  to effectively test students pre and post lesson. Making it easier for educators to witness progress from beginning to end. Additionally, the majority of lessons include worksheets that summarizes the section.In order to maximize the benefits of our curriculum, the curriculum is easy to implement so students are able to take the lead and the educator or administer is just there to aid them.   

Another great addition to the V2 curriculum is the real-world jobs that are associated with each module. Students will be able to see real sports related jobs that correspond with the science, technology, engineering or math concepts that they are learning. By giving students examples of real life situations and applications  where this tool is implemented, it demonstrates the importance of learning the material, while providing students with possible jobs he/she could have in the future. 

We at STEM Sports® realize how unique, and possibly unknown, the idea of mixing STEM and sports can be. With that in mind, the new STEM curriculum kits will include a Mindfulness Matters section devoted to sharing insight about the STEM and sports alliance. Although this idea is relatively new, STEM Sports® believes by combining sports and STEM, it will be able to reach all students, whether they are right or left brain learners. Showing how each concept connects to sports allows the students to see the complex ideas implemented in a way that is easier for them to comprehend.

The entire STEM Sports® staff is excited to roll out this new curriculum! After months of hard-work, it is time to introduce educators to our new and improved STEM curricula that will help students further their love for STEM at a young age.

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