STEM Sports® Launches Alternative to Video Game Gifts This Holiday Season

Monthly subscription for kids combines real learning with physical activity all disguised as fun

The launch of the STEM Sports® All-Star Kit subscription expands the company’s mission by introducing kids to the science behind the sports they love – on their own time, and at home with their siblings, parents, caregivers, family, and friends. STEM Sports® first made waves with educators with its [continuing] offer of free STEM lessons during the pandemic, using basketball, football, soccer, and other sports to teach students science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) principles while encouraging and engaging children in physical activity.

The five-month subscription for home use launches November 1, 2021 to kick off the holiday season. Pictured: All-Star Kit for Grades 3-5; alternate version available for Grades 6-8.

“The All-Star Kit is something our community has wanted for a long time,” says Jeff Golner, the President and CEO of STEM Sports®. “We heard from parents and grandparents that they wanted their kids to unwrap something truly unique this year, and definitely something that involves minimal screen time. We did that and more, with a subscription kit that gives kids a dose of excitement and inspiration, month after month, and is something that teachers endorse because it continues the learning at home.”

“STEM Sports® makes a great connection for the kids,” adds Matthew Poland, 4th grade teacher. “You can tell students about addition or subtraction but once you start giving them something they can attach to, that they care about, like sports, then they really get into it.”

The five-month subscription with two purchase options offers a new box delivery each month, with a hands-on learning experience that’s mostly free from screen time or devices and offers a break from video games. Kids need neither special athletic or STEM skills to enjoy their gift and the bonus benefit of learning, disguised as fun, is ingrained in every kit.

The new subscription kit is available Nov. 1 at a cost of $59.80/month for five consecutive months, or a one-time pre-paid cost of $249, shipping included. Visit STEM Sports® All-Star Kit for more information.

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