The Josh Gibson Foundation and the Negro Leagues 100th Anniversary

The Josh Gibson Foundation, named in honor of Negro League baseball player and second Negro League player to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame Josh Gibson, offers free academic, mentoring, tutoring, nutrition, and athletic programs to at-risk youth. They focus on forming the children as both athletes and people to, “allow the next Josh Gibson to reach his or her potential.” In their mission statement, they state that they believe in, “the endless possibilities of today’s youth.” Their foundation is built around this principle and giving every child, despite race or economic status, the chance to be their greatest self.  We are proud to work with the Josh Gibson Foundation as they recently adopted STEM Sports® curricula into their academic programming.

In honor of the Negro Leagues 100th Anniversary, Tipping Your Cap was created to honor men and women who played in Negro Leagues. “The Negro Leagues were both a tragedy and a triumph. The Leagues only came to be because of an unwritten law in Major League Baseball preventing a team from signing a black player. The tragedy is easy to see…For 40 years, from 1920 to 1960, black players – African Americans, dark-skinned Latinos, men and women – played joyous and brilliant baseball in the Negro Leagues, ” said Tipping Your Cap. 

The “tipping your cap” movement is being used to acknowledge and honor the men and women who played in the Negro League despite inequalities and, in turn, changed the game of baseball in the United States. 

To learn how you can tip your cap, click here.  

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