Verizon Innovative Learning: STEM & Technology Literacy

Verizon Innovative Learning was created in 2012 and has, to date, given over a million students the support they need to further their STEM literacy. They provide the technology and curriculum necessary for schools to enhance student learning experiences and, in turn, better their future.

They focus on shrinking the digital gap by supplying students with the technology they need to have the most robust educational experience possible. Verizon believes in education equality, despite race, gender or family income.

After using the curriculum offered by Verizon, 58 percent of students were more proficient in STEM. It has also been proven to make students more engaged in school as a whole. Research found from schools in the Verizon Innovative Learning program found that 54 percent of students had increased engagement in STEM and non-STEM classes because of the technology and curriculum that Verizon provides.

“Nearly two-thirds of middle-school kids who don’t have technology are revising their dreams and lowering their expectations for their futures,” says Rose Kirk, Verizon’s Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer.

Since its founding, Verizon has devoted $400 million to giving students the best technology and education possible, despite economic status. The company has paired with network engineers to give students tablets, fast internet and accessible free-curriculum.

Verizon is giving students the opportunity to flourish academically and continue down a path that leads to future success. Aside from providing the tools necessary for educators to give their students the education they deserve, Verizon also provides mentorship to students. They focus a lot of their effort on students from minority groups who are under represented in the STEM workforce.

This past summer, Verizon held a workshop for black and Hispanic students. They were able to engage in STEM activities with supplies that Verizon offered them. The students were able to use 3D printers and engage in conversation about design thinking and entrepreneurship. This seemingly simple thing allowed minorities to see their place in STEM and all of the opportunities that it holds for them.

Verizon also paired with Pharrell Williams to create a Music Education Program. The first music center will be placed at Bayside Middle School in Virginia Beach- William’s hometown. This program fuses cutting-edge technology with music in order to create an environment that caters to right brain learners. Verizon, like in all of their educational efforts, wants to give students of all economic backgrounds the opportunity to engage with their new Pharrell Williams music program.

In another attempt to create equality in STEM, Verizon holds summer camps for girls in STEM.

By creating an all girls STEM camp, Verizon is helping to shrink the gender gap that is still prevalent in almost every area of the STEM workforce. By giving these young girls an opportunity to build their love for STEM, they are increasing the chance of them pursuing a STEM major in college.   

In early June 2019, Verizon ran one of their girls STEM camps in Kentucky. This camp, which was one of 16, allowed young girls to immerse themselves in science, technology, engineering and math. The goal for Verizon was to show these girls that there is a place for them in STEM and in future STEM jobs.

“We would love to see more female engineers, more scientists, more coders,” said camp director Tric Tackett. “This camp gets them off on the right track.”

This three-week long camp immerses the campers in real-world applicable STEM activities. This year’s theme is superheroes and the goal is to have each girl discover their power and see the strengths they have that will create a bright future for themselves.

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