3 benefits of STEM Education at home

You will often see STEM Sports® advocating and providing at-home learning opportunities. We do this because there are real-time benefits to expanding education outside of the classroom and into the home. 

These include:

  1. Children have the opportunity to learn at their own pace

Often, in classroom settings, children all have to move at the same pace. This can be difficult because comprehension speeds are not cookie cutter and some kids require more 1-on-1 time to excel. In an at-home setting, children have the flexibility to learn at THEIR pace and spend time thinking deeply. 

  1. It caters to all learning styles 

Learning styles differ from child to child. People can learn through seeing, doing, hearing, or all three! In an at-home learning environment, children can learn based on their preferred methods. This leads to higher retention and comprehension! 

  1. Comfortability in the learning environment 

Comfortability has benefits in all areas. In education, it gives children the confidence to take risks and spend time thinking critically. Learning at home in an environment where children are comfortable, can allow your child to expand their knowledge in a more focused manner. This is especially beneficial with STEM, an already intimidating subject. 

Are you interested in taking education home for your child? The STEM Sports® All-Star Kit helps every 3rd-8th grader discover a love for both STEM and sports with self-guided lessons at home! This subscription provides lessons over twelve (12) months that allow your child to advance in their STEM education and stay active! 

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