3 Reasons why Sports are Beneficial to Kids

Many of us have fond memories of playing sports, both formally and informally, throughout our childhood. As a parent, we have to decide what sports to sign our kids up for and at what age they should start. 

Aside from the obvious fun and excitement around sports, there are benefits that will help your child in the long run. 

  1. Healthy Lifestyle 

Sports, regardless of age, help children to form healthy habits. This includes both mental and physical health. Staying active is a great way to ensure your child has a healthy mind and body as they develop.

  1. Collaboration Skills

Most sports involve working together towards a common goal. This teaches your child collaboration and problem-solving skills that will be beneficial to them in sports, school, and their future career. 

  1.  Motivation, Competition & Drive 

Sports allow children to bring out their inner competitors. This often translates into their academics. Whether it is on the court, field, or in the classroom, sports help children to want to be the best they can be. Their work ethic in athletics can help them to succeed in many areas of their life!
By signing your child up for recreational sports, after-school programs, or camps, you are setting them up for success in many areas of their lives! Are you interested in introducing your child to sports at home with an educational twist? Click here to order the STEM Sports® All-Star Kit today.

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