5 Monthly STEM Kits for Preschool Kids

STEM is a commonly used term in education for science, technology, engineering, and math subjects. STEM is part of the classroom core curriculum and has gained traction in recent years due to its increased workforce and importance to society. This enhanced attention to these subjects has led to the curriculum being implemented early in childhood education and in various environments, one of these settings being at home. 

Parents are an integral part of a child’s education. By implementing STEM subjects early in childhood development, parents are helping improve comfort and literacy in STEM. Regardless of their career paths, early integration is setting children up for success in their education and beyond! 

A great way to easily integrate STEM into your preschool child’s education is through subscription kits. These kits are typically offered monthly and create excitement around learning! They will look forward to receiving their monthly box. This disguised learning approach will give them consistent STEM exposure in a fun, exciting way. In this article, STEM Sports® has compiled a list of the top-ranked STEM subscription kits for kids under 6. 

Koala Crate

Age Range: Ages 2-4 

Price: $18.50 / month (free shipping in the US) 

The Koala Crate was designed with toddlers in mind. The main focus of this STEM kit is to introduce children to new concepts through hands-on learning. Each activity will aid children in exercising their minds and improving their motor skills. This kit has sequential flexibility, allowing parents to cater to the individual interest of their child. For example, they offer ocean, doctor, camping, and rainbow-themed kits. 

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Green Kid Crafts - Junior Box

Age Range: Ages 3-5

Price: $24.95 / month (This pricing depends on the number of boxes purchased)

The Green Kids Crafts Junior Box uses hands-on, disguised learning to introduce toddlers to STEM and STEAM concepts. Each box focuses on a different STEM concept using a different topic and facilitator. One of their boxes gives children all the materials they need to create their own solar system at home. Children start by painting their planets and continue to use directions and parent assistance to assemble their models to learn more about our solar system and the orbiting of the planets. This subscription box also includes a 1, 6, or 12 month option depending on the desired cadence of the lessons.

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Highlights Toddler STEM Subscription Box

Age Range: Ages 3+

Price: $24.98 / month

Highlights believe that parents should be cheerleaders in their child’s education rather than traditional educators. Their subscription kit is created to allow children to lead their own learning process with little to no intervention and/or assistance from parents. This is done to increase confidence in learning and allow children to improve their leadership and problem solving skills. Each curriculum kit includes directions and materials needed for children to improve their introductory STEM and literacy/English skills. 

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Groovy Lab in a Box

Age Range: Ages 4-7

Price: $29.95 / month 

The Groovy Lab in a Box subscription kit transforms your child into an engineer, scientist, or mathematician from your living room. Children will receive a monthly box in the mail that focuses on a different STEM concept they will work through over the course of many hours or days. This box comes decorated and will be an exciting thing to receive in the mail every time! Aside from the creative design of these boxes, they have proven their effectiveness in improving STEM literacy. Additionally, they were a finalist for the 2020 Edison Award, receiving raving reviews. This kit will be a great addition to your child’s education journey. 

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Kiwi Tinker Crate

Age Range: Ages 5-8

Price: $18.50 / month (free shipping in the US) 

The Kiwi Tinker Crate is similar to the Koala Crate but focuses on a slightly different age demographic. It is a great option if your child just finished their Koala Kit and is ready to advance to more difficult STEM material! This monthly subscription kit comes with worksheets, teaching booklets, and supplies. This makes it easy to implement for parents and gives children everything they need to work through the lesson and exercise their critical thinking skills. Another great perk of subscribing to Kiwi Co is you can switch kit types at any time during your usage. For example, if your child is advancing quickly and is looking for additional challenges, you can change your next box to a different age range that touches on new concepts. 

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