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STEM Sports® knows how important after-school programming is to over 10 million kids throughout the United States. And just as importantly, the close to 1 million professionals that work tirelessly to support these students is paramount to the success of their future!

Our curricula is designed to deliver amazing results to not only support the academics that students receive in the classroom, but to provide a fun and entertaining experience after school.

We’ve heard from after-school professionals, and students alike, that our innovative and novel programs provide great opportunities such as:

- Effective engagement and fun activities
- Promotes physical activity and outdoor fun
- Ease of teaching instruction and addresses the learning needs of ALL students, including students with different abilities and dual language learners
- The products within the kit are long-lasting and effective tools for the learning activities

To receive an example of our supplemental curriculum, fill out this form to receive our complimentary lesson titled Playing with Precision. It has lesson plans for grades 3-5 and 6-8. Have fun!

To learn even more, click the Curriculum tab to explore all of our supplemental curriculum.

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