AT&T Advocates for STEM Education

Everyone knows AT&T as the multi-billion dollar phone carrier network. They have sponsorships with professional sports teams and spend millions on advertisements that people are exposed to everyday.

But what many people may not know about is AT&T’s devotion to childhood education and success. The At&T Aspire program has approximately 10,000 students enrolled in its innovative program. It has helped children across the United States by giving them connections and opportunities to succeed.

AT&T also donated $1 million to Girls Who Code (GWC). GWC is a non-profit organization that focuses on closing the gender gap in technology related professions. AT&T became the sponsor of the Sisterh>>d campaign that exposed young girls around the world to the opportunities in STEM jobs.

Over the last 30 years, AT&T has donated over $144 million to STEM initiative programs. They have also offered mentoring by their employees to kids across the United States. Since 2012, they have devoted 2.2 million hours to bettering the future of youth.

They have now expanded their support to women in sports. AT&T is the first non-apparel company to be a Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) sponsor and have their logo on the jerseys.

“AT&T’s groundbreaking commitment to our game, which is anchored on our shared values of diversity and inclusion, make it the perfect partner for the WNBA at this exciting time,” said Kerry Tatlock, senior vice president of marketing partnerships at the NBA.

More sports teams are beginning to invest in STEM related organizations. With AT&T and the WNBA’s new deal it is possible that they will mix their efforts and combine their support for women’s sports and STEM education.