Buckets & Balls STEM Curriculum

STEM Sports® has just recently began offering a free curriculum called Buckets & Balls. In this interactive activity, children throw and/or bounce a ball into a bucket from a reasonable distance. The objective is easily achievable using your schools own supply of balls and buckets.

When most kids are given a ball, their instinct is to throw it as far and high as possible. The goal of this STEM Sports® curriculum is to teach kids about accuracy, energy transfer and launch angle and dip. By the end of the lesson, they will have a clearer idea of how they can control an object’s movement. This simple STEM activity is a segway into students learning about the use of physics in everyday life.  We are offering Buckets & Balls in order to give educators a look into our first of its kind curriculum. We pride ourselves in our turnkey curriculum that combines STEM and sports. Alongside this free curriculum, we also offer sample curriculum for all of our STEM Sports® kits. If you would like to receive the Buckets & Balls curriculum, simply email us at Info@STEMSports.com.

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