CEO Jeff Golner Featured in the Phoenix Business Journal

From Arizona D-backs to STEM curriculum, this sports exec is hitting home runs

What exactly does STEM Sports do? We’re providing a standards-aligned curricula that teaches K-8 students STEM but using sports as the real-life application. For example, if a third-grade teacher says, ‘We’re going to do division,’ there is dread from the students. That’s not fun. But if the teacher said, ‘We’re going to grab that bag of basketballs provided by STEM Sports and go out on the basketball court and everyone will walk away with a field goal percentage just like Devin Booker and Kevin Durant,’ they’re out of the classroom, it’s more fun and its a more sticky, tangible dimension. The teacher never has to say the dreaded ‘D word to get the point across where kids actually learn how to do division [playing] basketball.

What’s next for STEM Sports? We’re excited about 2024 for sure. We are going to go digital this year. We started going international before Covid. In 2019, we went to Morocco. They finally placed an order with us in early 2021. We’ve got some good links around the world that are very interested in what we’re doing. International growth will be more tangible by being in the digital space. All of our sales are driven through the education sphere in the classroom, the after-school program market and the camp market. Today, curriculum is being used in one of those three areas of education in all 50 states.

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