Chevron Promotes STEM Education

Chevron is a part of the STEM education movement and partners with a variety of education foundations. They are focused on investing in the workforce of the future and giving educators the tools and training they need to help their students excel in science, technology, engineering and math.

Chevron has taken a unique approach on how to present the STEM material to kids. Chevron STEM Zone uses sports to teach kids STEM topics through a hands-on approach.   

The Chevron team recognized that children like sports whether it is playing them or watching them. They took this information and put it into an education setting where they are able to teach the science behind the sport. They have partnerships in golf, football, basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey. Each of these sports has lessons that breakdown how different things happen in the game. This teaches students about aerodynamics, chemical engineering, statistics and many other STEM related concepts that play into a sport.

They believe that having an understanding of STEM is not only beneficial in life but it also makes watching sports more enjoyable. Chevron STEM zone also puts an emphasis on real world opportunities that kids can have in sports, other than playing, if they are able to utilize their skills in STEM.

Sound familiar?

The Chevron STEM Zone’s mission is extremely similar to ours here at STEM Sports®. We both use the science of sport to further kids knowledge and understanding of complex STEM topics.

STEM Sports® is excited to see such a powerful and large corporation like Chevron take an interest in STEM education and STEM curriculum. Because of their broad reach, they have the ability to spread awareness on the importance of STEM education for students and educators.

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