Foreign-born children and their engagement in STEM

Non-native born individuals play a huge role in the United State’s STEM workforce. In 2015, foreign-born people made up approximately 24 percent of all STEM jobs, as they are narrowly defined.

Science, technology, engineering and math are virtually universal amongst cultures and have very little language barriers. It is because of this that people who come to America after the age of 10 focus and excel most in STEM based occupations.

Research shows that immigrant children are more likely to have science and math heavy classes in high school and continue into majors relating to these subjects in college. Around 36 percent of foreigners major in a STEM related field, which is 16 percent more than American college students.

In 2018, the United States was ranked sixth in innovation globally. STEM workers are the basis for most of the technology that allows our nation to continue to be on the innovation leader board.

Schools across the nation are beginning to implement STEM education programs more and more. The goal here is to engulf the children in the subject matter early so there is sense of familiarity as they move up through the education system.

With the amount of STEM related jobs available continuing to rise every year, it is both important and necessary to expand the amount of children, both foreign and native, who want to get into a STEM related job field.

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