Microsoft STEM Education

Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar company that provides technology to people across the globe. They also have a “Hacking STEM Library” that supplies hands-on STEM lessons to youth for affordable prices (with some being free). Microsoft has a variety of STEM education modules about science, technology, engineering and math.

Their curriculum is focused on giving middle-school students lessons on an array of  topics to engage them in STEM curriculum and further their understanding on these concepts. Some of the possible opportunities are:

  • Exploring Shark Movement
  • Sensored Glove and Robotic Hand
  • Lemon Battery
  • Solar House

They also provide games with an educational spin to make learning fun. They have their own version of Minecraft that implements STEM concepts into the game. Their mission is to “ignite interest in STEM”.

STEM is not the only way Microsoft aids childhood education. They have a whole education program that gives schools and students easy to use technology to enhance classroom experience at an affordable price.
Microsoft uses their prominence around the world to help the next generation reach their full potential. Their involvement in education is focused on empowering every student and giving them opportunities to succeed. They have impacted schools in the United States, Australia, Malaysia and many more.

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