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Thank you for coming to our STEM Sports® free sample lesson request page. By filling out the form, you will receive one of the eight standards-aligned lessons from our supplemental curriculum kits. In this sample you will get access to one module, of the sport of your choosing, that you can implement into your classroom today.

Of course, our complete turnkey kits are available for purchase, deliver in five business days and you can begin implementing the curriculum immediately…just add students!

Types of STEM Sports Kits:

  • – STEM Basketball
  • – STEM Football
  • – STEM Volleyball
  • – STEM Soccer
  • – STEM BMX
  • – STEM Multi-Sport

The sample will give you the opportunity to see STEM learning and sports collide in a unique way. Our double-play combination of physical activity and cognitive thinking provides a comprehensive, inquiry-based educational experience and a solution for crucial STEM literacy for students.

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