Sphero Education

Sphero Education is a virtual STEAM education program that allows students to learn through both on their website and their application. This 21-century learning tool focuses on essential science, technology, engineering and math concepts while also catering to a students creative side – incorporating in art. 

Sphero specializes in robots that teach their students code. Their robots range in complexity, making it usable for students of all different grade levels. Their “introductory” robot is the Sphero Mini. This robot is small, but is packed with educational possibilities. The drivable Sphero Mini allows students to learn about code while playing games and interacting with the robot. This active learning approach makes science, technology, engineering and math something that kids want to do, rather than having to. 

Sphero also offers the RVR robot. RVR is a fully programmable robot that is drivable, censored and has opportunities for students to customize its functions. The robot is easy to use but has the potential to be made into something far more complex. This makes it perfect for students of all skill sets and even educators with a passion for robots and coding. 

It allows students to excel in their STEM skills while also improving at soccer. In the kit, there is a miniature robot that resembles a soccer ball that students get to use when working through the curriculum. By adding a sports aspect to the lessons, Sphero is catering to a different group of students who may be more driven by sports than standard educational approaches.

Regardless of what Sphero robot is purchased, there is an option to add a curriculum piece. Computer Science Foundations by Sphero is a curriculum that integrates well into a classroom environment. Students and teachers are given up to 72 STEAM lessons that bring creating code and robotics into the curriculum. Ranging from $199.99 for one course or $499.99 for all three, Sphero offers a chance for students to receive cutting edge STEAM curriculum that will further their coding literacy. 

Despite their advanced robot options, Sphero offers other educational tools to educators. They have multiple pieces of curriculum that use music, Specdrums Edu, as the main agent of learning the complex curriculum. In one of the activities, students are able to create their own keyboard through the Sphero application. In another, the goal is for students to play solfege scales and create rhythms out of it. 

By offering more musical options, Sphero is again broadening the scope of children they are able to aid throughout their journey to STEM literacy. Whether the student is a right or left brain learner, Sphero has options that will lead them to a better understanding of the STEM curriculum in an active and intriguing way. 

Sphero goes by the motto #BeyondCode. This means that they want their curriculum to spark creativity, fuel ideas and help students collaboration skills. In this day-and-age, it takes more than just knowing how to do something to be successful in the STEM workforce. Technology is constantly changing and people entering into the workforce need to have an innovative mindset in order to continue this trend. Sphero’s approach to the learning process follows this idea and is what has led them to continue adding to their educational arsenal. 

They now offer a new and improved #ThursdayLearnDay where the company shows a new lesson that teachers can implement with their students. They offer this through small videos and provide ways that these computer science lessons can be implemented with students of all skill levels.   

Sphero also launched Sphero Academy, which is an educational program aimed at current educators or adults wanting to learn more about STEM. They offer self-guided courses, virtual training and online workshops for people who want to learn more about robotics and coding. They also offer help to educators who want to better implement the Sphero kits in their classrooms. 

The mission in launching Sphero Academy is to educate the people who are going to be educating the youth. In order for students to receive quality STEM education, they need to be taught by qualified, passionate individuals. Through the Sphero Academy courses, educators and parents alike have the chance to improve their STEM literacy and use it as a tool to help their students and children. 

With Sphero’s constantly changing and improving curriculum, there is no telling where the educational program will go or what will come next.

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