STEM is an acronym that represents science, technology, engineering and math. STEAM represents the same four fields but adds in art related subjects. We often get the question of: Why don’t you change to STEAM?

Our initial response is, always, we are STEAM and the “A” stands for activity!

However, on a more serious note, we believe we are similar to STEAM already just without the title. The goal of STEAM is to apply creative thinking and processes to the STEM base. Our curriculum is designed in a creative and unique way that allows children to learn STEM topics through sports related activities.  Our active and disguised learning approach allows kids to have fun and play while broadening the understanding of basic STEM curriculum.

If you broaden the scope of what is considered an art, sports could fit right in. Arts are defined as the expression of creative skill and imagination. Our STEM Sports® kits allow kids to use their imagination and creativity to teach themselves in each module using the context of sports.

Still not sold?

In Module 8.0 of our STEM Volleyball kit, kids are tasked with creating their own net using only the materials provided. Through doing this they get a better understanding of engineering and design by not just seeing but actually making it happen themselves.

STEM and STEAM are seen as being two separate concepts that people need to choose between. Here at STEM Sports® we do not believe that. We have stuck with the original label of STEM but still allow children to use their creative side to learn about complex topics in a fun way.

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