STEM Sports® Curricula – Updates and Additions

STEM Sports® will soon be releasing a new version of our curricula that includes updates as well as additions to the overall modules. We at STEM Sports® believe that these changes will enhance the educational experience with each of our STEM kits for both educators and students. After eight various schools piloted the new curricula, we are ready to launch the new STEM curriculum in the United States as well as internationally! 

Some of the new items in our teacher’s manuals you will see include:

  • Grade differentiation:
    • 3-5 grade lessons
    • 6-8 grade lessons with a capstone project
  • 5E instructional model 
  • National Standards for K-12 Physical Education 
  • STEM jobs in sports 
  • Mindfulness Matters section 

Before we dive into more detail about what is new to the curricula, let’s talk about the great features that will stay the same. All of our curriculum kits remain turnkey and ready-to-use by educators as soon as they arrive. Lessons are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS), providing students exposure to the Engineering Design Process (EDP). Additionally, we will continue to include assessments and ready-to-use worksheets to assess student comprehension and improvement. 

Grade Differentiation:

We now differentiate our modules by grades 3-5 and grades 6-8. This was done to effectively meet the needs and varying skill levels of students, ensuring the highest level of success. 

Grade Differentiation in Modules.

Both the 3-5 and 6-8 curriculum include eight modules, all of which are in each teacher’s manual. The grade 6-8 curriculum will also include a “capstone project” so students can further expand their STEM literacy and showcase what they have learned throughout the modules.

5E Instructional Model:

The 5E Instructional Model is now a present part of the STEM Sports® learning experience. Rather than learners being overwhelmed with information all at once, the 5E approach allows students to take themselves through the learning process, aiding in a deeper understanding of the STEM concepts.

The 5E model stands for:


We even included a sixth E to the model – Extend!

5E Instructional Model

Next week’s STEM Sports® blog is going to dive deeper into what each of the 5 E’s stand for and why implementing it into your curriculum can be beneficial for students!

National Standards for K-12 Physical Education: 

STEM Sports® has always aligned its curricula with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Now, National Standards for K-12 Physical Education is being added to the list!

This new addition further solidifies STEM Sports® curricula’s place in both Physical Education classes, camps and after-school programs. Our past blog Sports in Education talks about how many schools are cutting recess and P.E. in order to allot more time to in-class learning. This is all being done despite evidence that a physically active child is a better student. 

By combining physical activity and education, STEM Sports® believes that there is a way to give kids the active time they need both emotionally and physically without compromising their educational experience.    

STEM Jobs in Sports:

In all of our STEM curricula modules (STEM Basketball, STEM Football, STEM Soccer, STEM Volleyball and STEM Multi-Sport and every forthcoming curriculum) each lesson concludes with a list of “STEM jobs in sports” that relate to the STEM concept students are learning. We want students to acknowledge and get excited about his/her career aspirations through the 90+ professions identified throughout our curricula in STEM and Sport!

STEM Jobs in Sports

Mindfulness Matters: 

A sense of understanding and intentionality is an essential part of getting the full benefit from an educational experience. That is why each of our curriculum kits starts out with a “Mindfulness Matters” section. It includes quality information for both teachers and students to be mindful of going into the modules. 

An awareness from the outset provides students a roadmap to each module so he/she can identify and use this resource to maximize their potential.  

STEM Sports® Distributors: 

Each of our kits and manuals can be purchased directly from us on our website. We also partner with three distributors that carry both our turnkey kits and individual manuals. 

  1. S & S Worldwide 
  2. STEMfinity  
  3. STEM Supplies

This entire slate of curriculum is scheduled to hit the market in March! You will not want to miss these amazing additions and updates to our STEM curriculum. Learn with us by emailing us at to receive a sample.

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