Summer Enrichment Ideas & Activities

What are Summer Enrichment Programs & Activities?

Summer enrichment programs are anything that promotes learning, education, and engagement in students outside of the classroom and school year. Summer enrichment programs are essential to students’ curriculum retention and development, regardless of grade level. In this article, you will find out ways to engage your students in summer enrichment programs during Summer 2022.

Summer Enrichment Ideas & Activities for Elementary Students

Elementary education is fundamental to students establishing a strong understanding of core curriculum areas. Summer months can often lead to the summer slump, where students forget what they learned during the previous school year. Summer enrichment programs are a great way to avoid learning loss during months off and go into the new year more prepared and confident in their skills. 


Below are some exciting, fun ways to engage your child during summer break:

  • Take a hike: During this time outdoors, children have the opportunity to learn more about science and biology – while being physically active! You can also purchase a book to accompany your child through the hike and learning process. 

  • Reading/Book Lists: At the start of summer break, create a reading list with your child. This can include a mix of “fun” books and educational books. It can be helpful to have a prize your child gets if they complete their list by the start of the next school year. 

  • Art Programs: Enrolling your child in an art program is a great way to let them explore their creative side. It can also be a great introduction to geometry in a hands-on environment. 

  • Sports Activities: Sports are a fun way to get your kids active during the summer. And, what if it could be educational, too? STEM Sports® offers easy-to-implement STEM curricula that use sports to facilitate science, technology, engineering, and math lessons. 

  • Go to the Park: Going to the park is something most children will naturally enjoy doing during the summer. It is also a great time to introduce them to shapes and geometry. By adding summer math into something they find fun, they will be more open to learning about the subject and will be more open to learning about it in the future.

Summer Enrichment Ideas & Activities for Middle School Students

Middle school is an integral time in a child’s education. Coursework is getting more difficult and they are beginning to decide which subjects they prefer. These preferences, which are often based on what they think they are best at, have an impact on which classes they choose to take in high school. Engaging children in summer enrichment activities is a great way to improve their skills over the summer, giving them the confidence they need heading into the new school year.  


Explore ways to engage your middle school children over the summer:

  • Host a Neighborhood Field Day: Get the whole friend group involved! You can set up a variety of educational activities for children to engage in during field day. This is often known as disguised learning. Children will think they are having fun and playing with friends, but really they are learning. 

  • Grow a Garden: Starting a garden over the summer with your child introduces geology concepts while giving you essential quality time. This summer-long activity gets children outside and introduces them to a new hobby. 

  • Build a Rocket: Alka-Seltzer rockets are easy to implement at home with common household items. They introduce children to chemistry in a fun environment that ends with them launching their rockets. This is great for one kid or a group, making it perfect for at-home play or summer camps. 

  • Edible Science Activities: There are a variety of edible science experiments that can be easily implemented at-home. This fun activity for middle schoolers gives them exposure to science and chemistry in a tasty, engaging way!  

  • Sports Activities: Getting children involved in sports over the summer is great for their physical and mental health. STEM Sports® offers a subscription-based curriculum that promotes hands-on learning, physical activity, and STEM learning.

Summer Enrichment Ideas & Activities for High School Students 

Summer enrichment programs are a great way for high school students to explore their interests and see possible degrees and careers they can pursue. Regardless of the year, these students are close to making important decisions about their future. By offering them summer activities, we as parents and educators can help them navigate this difficult time. 


Below are summer enrichment activities for high school age students:

  • Math or Science Camp: If your child is interested in STEM, signing them up for a summer camp is a great way to help them improve their skills. This also gives them the opportunity to meet other students with similar interests and possible mentors. 

  • Book Club: Joining a book club is a great way to keep your child academically engaged during the summer. They will not only be reading but discussing deeper themes with other children their age. Reading comprehension is a skill that will be valuable to them throughout their high school years and beyond. 

  • Learning a Foreign Language: Learning a new language is a valuable skill for your child in everyday life and in their future profession. This can be done through classes, at-home programs, or traveling.  

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteering around the community is a great way to help your child learn soft and hard skills. Soft skills are essential to success in both the workforce and in your child’s personal life. 

  • Be a Camp Counselor: Being a camp counselor gives your child the opportunity to improve their leadership skills. It is also a great way for them to improve their skills throughout the camp. Being responsible for teaching others is linked to improved retention for the teacher. If your child is interested in technology, signing them up to be a camp counselor for a technology camp is a unique way to help them deepen their understanding.

Summer Enrichment Activities & ESSER Funds 

ESSER funds can be used to purchase curricula and tools essential to summer enrichment programs and activities. If you are looking for ways to spend your company’s ESSER funds, click here to learn more.  


STEM Sports® Summer Enrichment Activities 

STEM Sports® offers K-8 curricula that can be implemented in the classroom, at home, during summer camps, and in after-school programs. Each lesson uses sports as a facilitator of different science, technology, engineering, or math concepts. 


These turnkey curricula are a great way to engage students in learning over the summer months. They promote movement and physical activity in children, which is perfect for the summer months. It is also a great way to improve your child’s STEM comprehension going into the next school year. 


Each lesson includes a “STEM job in sports” section that shows students jobs they could have that use the skills they are currently learning. This can be used as a conversation starter for you and your child this summer about things that interest them, their hobbies, and what they may want to do when they grow up. 

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