Summer Games Package

Turn interest in the games into a passion for STEM

Pricing and Purchasing

This limited time package is 24% off the list price of all four sports kits (over $1,400 in savings) and is available now through July 31, 2024.

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Add all four sports to your cart and use promo code summergames.

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The summer games provide a timely opportunity to merge academics and athletics, making learning more engaging and relevant for kids. 

You can use principles taught in STEM to teach kids how athletes move (physics), scoring and winning probability (math), the design of sports gear (engineering) and how they get to watch the games when they take place across the globe (technology). 

Your students will be invested in the lessons when they see how what they are learning applies to this unique real-world application. The curriculum kits in the 2024 Summer Games Package include fan favorites:

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