The Future of STEM Based Jobs

Within the next decade, approximately 80 percent of all jobs are going to be in the STEM field. Despite the rise in demand for these jobs, degrees in these career paths are significantly lower than degrees associated with social sciences, especially for students of color.

Studies show that creating an interest in a subject at a young age sets the child up for a lifelong affinity with the subject. But how do you get K-8 kids to want to sit down and learn about these complex topics?

One in every four elementary school aged kids participates in recreational sports and even those who do not still enjoy participating in activities and games.  STEM Sports® focuses on allowing kids to be active learners and engage in the subject matter rather than lecture style learning.

In 2017 a study by the ADHD Resource Center revealed that 6.4 million kids between four and 17 have ADHD. STEM Sports® reveals technologically advanced and effective learning curriculum focused on childhood learning through active learning. Our programs focus on using sports as a way to peak children’s interest in the science that goes into these athletics.

As education professionals, it is important that we accommodate the needs and interests of every individual student. Teacher Mathew Poland affirmed STEM Sports® effectiveness in saying, “The STEM Sports® program makes a great connection for the kids. You can tell students about addition or subtraction but once you start giving them something they can attach to, that they care about, like sports, then they really get into it.”

There is currently 600,000 unfilled jobs in the technology field and United States Department of Labor predicts that this number will nearly double in the coming years. The cliché that children are the future fits here wholly.

With our kits, we set these children up at a young age to discover their love for science, technology, engineering and math that they can continue on after elementary school and into their professional careers.