The Importance of Continuing Children’s Education and Activity during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed a variety of different aspects of people’s everyday lives throughout the world. People are working from home, schools have gone virtual, and spending time with others has stopped. Most people have found these uncertain times to be difficult and jarring. 

Many states have now been in some form of quarantine for over a month now and in-person classes have not been in session since March. This extended time at home has done something to most people that they may not even realize- they are creating new habits. 

Our habits may be as simple as when we eat or when we go to bed- all things we do without thinking. However, there are some habits that took time to form and quarantine may have stopped or altered them. Two of these are: staying physically active and studying habits in students. 

Keeping yourself mentally and physically active can be difficult during this time; but it does not change its importance to overall health. At STEM Sports® we see the risk of these habits being lost in children and, in turn, are doing our part in supplying parents with tools they can use at home with their children. 

  1. Free Sample Lessons

Currently, we are offering free lesson samples of our STEM Basketball, STEM Football, STEM Soccer, and STEM Volleyball curriculum. Each sample has a grades 3-5 or grades 6-8 differentiation so that children can have a successful experience with the curricula. 

This unique combination of STEM and sports allows children to get their bodies moving and engage in complex science, technology, engineering and math concepts. During quarantine, this is a great way for parents to keep their child mentally and physically active from home. And, it’s fun!

  1. Physical Activity at Home

STEM Sports® physical activity at home has multiple easy-to-implement workouts that the whole family can enjoy!

STEM Sports® Playing Card Fitness uses a deck of cards to get heart rates up through pushups, situps, squats and jumping jacks. With a MET of 8, this is a great way to burn calories, keep your body healthy and your mind clear. With gyms closed and sports postponed, this is a great opportunity to keep you and your family in the habit of taking time each day to keep your body healthy. 

STEM Sports Playing Card Fitness at-home workout.

STEM Sports® Yoga takes a more relaxing approach to coping with the craziness of today’s world. With four beginner level poses, you can unwind, relieve anxiety and tackle the day with a clear head. The idea behind the exercise concept is to give people an introduction to future yoga by showing them the benefits that can come from regular practice.

STEM Sports Yoga Fitness.

We are continuing to adapt to these crazy times with students, parents and teachers as our focus. We want to make sure that parents have access to free lessons and physical activity concepts that they can use to keep their children in a productive routine. And best of all, you can participate together!

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