Top STEM Colleges & Universities

Top STEM colleges 

Choosing a college can be a difficult and daunting process. Students must decide where they want to live and what they want to major in before they have even finished their senior year of high school. For some students, they are unsure of what they want to major in and will switch it during their time in college. However, for others, there path seems clear and the only deciding factor is where they want to get their degree from. 

For students with a love for science, technology, engineering and math, there are colleges across the country that focus on these STEM related degrees. Typically, these high ranking STEM colleges are also ranked high on the national list for top colleges as well. The number one STEM college is Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, and is ranked fourth nationally amongst all colleges.  

Niche created a list ranking the top 25 STEM colleges to inform and aid incoming college students on the best places to pursue their STEM education, more specifically, engineering. The list is based on the overall quality of the STEM curricula as well as the success and income of those who have graduated from that university. 

Top 25 STEM colleges (according to Niche): 

1.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2.  Stanford University

3.  California Institute of Technology

4.  Rice University

5.  Princeton University

6.  Yale University

7.  Harvard University

8.  Vanderbilt University

9.  Columbia University

10. Duke University

11. University of Pennsylvania

12. Cornell University

13. Washington University in St. Louis

14. John Hopkins University

15. Olin College of Engineering

16. University of Southern California

17. University of Notre Dame

18. Northwestern University

19. Georgia Institute of Technology

20. University of California- Los Angeles

21. Brown University

22. Carnegie Mellon University

23. University of Michigan- Ann Arbor 

24. University of California- Berkeley

25. Dartmouth College

This list includes colleges from all across the United States. There is variety in location, specializations, cost of tuition and acceptance rates throughout the list. Niche lays out these trends for their readers so that they can pick the school that best fits them and leads them down the path to future career success. 

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