Top STEM Education Facts

With the year coming to an end, we are going to share our top three favorite STEM education facts. STEM education is gaining traction around the world and an emphasis is being placed on providing all students with quality STEM education. 

Here are the most exciting STEM education facts of the year: 

  1. STEM occupations are growing at 24%, while other occupations are growing at 4%. 
  2. People in STEM fields can expect to earn 26% more annually than those in other fields. 
  3. Women’s representation in physical and life science is the highest ever. 

What do all three of these facts have in common? They all show the importance of STEM and the benefits of preparing students for higher education and their future careers. 

STEM Sports® has spent the year continuing to add to our curricula offerings and improve the student experience. Going into 2022, we want to take these facts and use them as fuel to drive our company to continue to give students, parents and teachers access to science, technology engineering, and math curricula that can be used at home, in the classroom, at summer camps or during afterschool programs. 

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